Is Blender Multi-threaded? (+ dedicated GPU)

Hi guys, I believe this was the correct place to post this. Ill be making a new build in the coming months and wanted to know if Blender is multi-threaded (in fairness ill still be getting a C2D :smiley: whatever the answer but I would like to know :)). I Know that its internal renderer and also many of the other external renderers are MT, but I have search loads of places but can see if the the main editor is multi-threaded.

as a second ask if anyone does know, how much would a dedicated GPU increase the performance of Blender, as far as im aware the only thing the GPU is used for (at least in a standard build ;)) is to display the screen, all the OpenGL stuff but isnt used for rendering etc.

Thanks guys, I know its all lot of asks, but I really do appreciate all the help, thanks guys :smiley:

Current Blender isn’t really multi-threaded, but the renderer and some of the simulations are. In 2.5 you can use the interface while rendering, but I’m not sure exactly how this works. Blender 2.5 in general updates everything in realtime, i.e. changing a value gives you realtime feedback, but I am not sure whether it is multi-threaded per se. As for the graphics card, it is used only for the interface and 3D view display, but it is definitely necessary to have a decent card if you want to work with hi-poly models or sculptures. You should especially steer clear of Intel integrated graphics cards because these don’t work with Blender.

The better the GPU is, the more complex (basically high polygon) scenes you can view and edit smoothly in the 3D view. At the moment, the BGE is not multi-threaded. :frowning:

I’m not sure about the editor. Most of the possible slowdowns I can imagine have to deal with the GPU, and most of the rest probably need to be executed sequentially. I believe there have been other posts on making various portions of blender multi-threaded. Perhaps a search will yield some results.

Edit: egan kind of beat me to it.

Thanks for the info guys that is really helpful, so I think I will defiantly be getting a dedicated GPU then, I think perhaps a NV GTS 250 of even a 260 if I can find one on the cheap :D, egan I see as well your running Ubuntu, if there not old specs that is, is there any problems you encountered with GPU+Blender+Ubuntu, im guessing as its OpenGL I wouldn’t imagine you did, thanks again guys really appreciated