is blender the right software?

Hi, im trying to learn blender because im interested in making just still pictures of 3d models. ive looked around the net and seen alot of these cg pictures of say, final fantasy style girls and guys and other styles as well that werent so anime oriented.

now, on the pictures that displayed what programs they used, they were mostly 3ds, maya, poser and daz3d(which i avoided because it seemed like it was a pretty limited program as far as imports were concerned) but when i google “blender cg faces” its not really loading alot of faces that are the same level of smoothness and realism as the other searches are. the ones i found are more of a stylyzed or ameture(sp) production.

on top of that, seems as though every tut i try to learn from is for a slightly older build, and i dont know enough about the process to know how to make up for what has been changed from the previous build.

now i know nothing about modeling/sculpting or really any of this for that matter,and im sure blender isnt the easiest software to start with, but am i barking up the wrong tree? should i be using another program? is blender more for non organic animations/photos?

i want to start learning 3d but i dont want to start in the wrong place and devote too much time to going in the wrong direction.

so ive taken up enough of your time already.
please give me some feedback or some advice, im really anxious to start learning.


stuff like this seems to be the work of other programs. either that or nobody using blender makes these things.

but this is pretty much the actual style in which i want to learn blender.
is this possible?

Yep it’s possible…
You need a fair bit of skill and technical know how, which is far far more important than whet software you use…

Blender tends to attract more amateurs than professionals and has a smaller user base which is why you may not see so much in the above styles… but there are a few examples.

That first image you posted has been “airbrushed” massively… it’s more a painting than a render now… and Steven Stahlberg who does a lot of this in maya will also do a lot of touch up and paintover…

Of course it’s possible. It’s never going to be easy no matter what your 3D package of choice is. Things like that take a lot of practice and learning, and no matter that you choose, you’re not going to be pumping out models like that overnight. Plus both of those images use post processing and compositing, so there are other programs you’d have to learn as well. Both are also posed, so you’ll need to learn to set up armatures correctly.

For still pictures (just modelling and rendering) any software is good, and the knowledge is interchangeable. Blender is the best open-source software for 3D out there, so it’s a good idea to begin from here.

Blender is great for modeling. Even though it doesn’t have ngons yet.
There is no problem in that part.

The render engine is the problem.
It’s hard to make realistic images using the blender internal renderer, as it is best suited for toon renders.

So you’d have to use an external renderer.
Luxrender or something… Or wait till the new Blender internal codename “Cycles” renderer is done.

ok guys, well thanks alot for the info. ill just keep plugging away then.ill stick with blender for now.

Yes, it’s possible.