Is Blender the right tool for this? (physics based- making a pile of skulls)

I apologize in advance if this is a ridiculous question, but my modeling experience is limited to almost nothing at this stage.

I’d like to create a round base with a pile of skulls on it. I could go and manually place and rotate a hundred or two skulls (low res/decimated models) but that’s very time consuming (fine) and I don’t have the artistic skills needed to make it look right (fail).

I’d like to put a round base in some application and spawn a couple hundred skulls above it until a pile builds up, then remove those I don’t like model by model and save the result in a format that I can hand to someone for 3D printing.

If Blender clearly isn’t the right tool, I’d appreciate a pointer at the best place to look. If I’m just dreaming and this is an absurd idea that clearly could never happen, let me know!

Sorry for making my first post a call for help!

You can use rigid body simulation

You may have problems when you come clean up the mesh to be suitable for 3d printing

I have never really been able to get Blender to do what I wanted over the years. I’ve used other applications whenever possible! I asked this question expecting a possible YES, BUT.

14 minutes after reading your response, I had 45 skulls piled on a plate realistically rotating on collision and everything is fantastic! I know the cleanup will be a pain, but I think I’ve got an idea on that.

I can’t thank you enough! This is going to look fantastic :slight_smile: In case you’re in any way curious, I’m making a base for a miniature wargaming figure (Warmachine - Menoth) where the figure will be standing on a pile of skulls. It already looks AWESOME!

I’m not sure if my reply to you is being held in moderation, but at the risk of a double post, your suggestion was fantastic, and I’m having amazing results right now. Thank you so much!