Is blender using all my computer capabilitys??

Recently I just bought a computer for number crunching and blender. Its a QuadCore Amd, has a MA790fxt-UD5P motherboard, AMD’s black edition cpu, a 260GTX 986, and 4gb of ddr3 ram. My problem is that the crappy school computers are rendering faster than mine! Ok so i was wondering if there is any explanation for this? Is my computer using all cores? using enough ram? is there a way to set this in or out of Blender. Running on windows7. Any help or solutions would be VERY much appreciated!:slight_smile:

I don’t have an answer for you, but I imagine folks here are going to want more info. What are the specs on the school computers? What software are they using, Blender or something else?

I don’t think that it is Blender. Then again, you did not mention which Blender version you’re using. (I’m using Blender 2.49, have used 2.48 and 2.45. So far, no trouble. I have mine installed on my Win 2000 drive, mainly because my cheap dial up ISP no longer provides the resource that enables my Ubuntu OS to log online via that ISP. I also have an AMD, it’s older. My brother installed it in 2005. It’s a 32 bit.)

It could be Microsoft 7. However, you did not mention some basic information about what you’re doing with Blender to cause your computer to render slower. Are you using Blender’s renderer? Are you rendering large models, multiple models, high-poly models with materials and high resolution textures? (How many textures?) Are you using using a lot of light sources during your rendering? Ray tracer? Are you using a different renderer than what you used on the school computer?

As for Microsoft 7…, the Microsoft corporation has worked hard for many, many years to build a reputation for providing software products (such as operating systems) which are guaranteed to include issues with stability and security.

just realised Im running my windows on 32 bit. How much fast is 64??? Im using the computer at the moment for particle renders.

I would not doubt that the problem lies in windows itself, though I have not used windows 7, every version of windows has had more and more programs running in the back round, sucking up computer resources. Find out what back round programs are running and which ones you can shut down with out causing problems. 64 bit should run much faster.

Have you ensured that you have multithreading enabled? In the render tab select the car next to threads (auto-detect), or perhaps you could just force 4 threads. Sometimes when you open older .blends, this setting gets changed to 1 thread. I have used Windows 7, and have seen no reduced performance vs. earlier editions. Regarding 64 bit vs 32bit, I believe the only significant performance gain will be seen if you are surpassing the memory restriction of 32bit.

64 bit can use more than 4 GB RAM, 32 bit can’t.
not an issue here.
however, 64 bit is theoretically twice as fast, because the connections are twice as wide
if the “crappy school computers” are 64 bit, and your computer is running a 32 bit OS, then that could explain the difference. easily.
however, if you bought it new, then there’s not much of a chance that it is 32 bit.

That theory only apply’s if/when your application(s) use more than 4 gigabytes at the time, otherwise, the wider bit row ain’t helpin’/in effect.


Actually a 64 bit processor can process 8 byte floating point number without relying on a floating point co-processor which makes it run allot faster. If your using windows 7, i would suggest you downgrade to windows XP (the “XP” looks like a smiley :slight_smile: ), the only thing you would be loosing is the fancy eye candy, and IMO windows XP is more stable than windows 7.

you might just check some differnet or optimized builds over at .Might be that this improves your rendering time. Worth a try :wink:

Different question… is Blender64 as fast and as reliable as its 32 bit counterpart?

My recommendation is that you install ubuntu 64bit alongside Windows. You wll like ubuntu, it’s got everything you need to work with Blender, image editor (GIMP), firefox, chrome(chromium) video and audio players, text edtors, word processors. You can keep windows for games only or the apps that you really need to work with. I believe you will gradually start to like ubuntu once you use it.

Wait, I just reread this whole thread and my question still applies: what is your school’s computer configuration? Hardware specs? OS? 3D software (Is it blender or Max, Maya, etc)? The way the OP worded the question is like “why is my Supercar 579GTI with all these detailed engine upgrades slower than my neighbor’s crappy car?” Well, what the heck is your neighbor’s car?

In other words, what are your school’s crappy computers? If you ask us why A is slower than B, you can’t just tell us what A is. You also have to tell us what B is. Did I miss this information on my second reading too? :confused:

Hey - couldn’t we have a race ?

Load up your blend then everyone renders it using the same settings - something real easy, then compare.

Short answer is, of course not. It spends most of its time on Idle, waiting for you to move your mouse, or type something. When you are sleeping, it plays an internal solitaire game, which is about as productive as when you play. When it gets bored with that, it re-indexes all your files, and runs a virus scan, hoping to find something to do. Try using Boinc, and make the world a better place.