Is Blender's cloth simulation comparable to Marvelous Designer?

Lately I tried Blender + Marvelous Designer. I found the workflow doesn’t work as well as I thought. MD’s cloth simulation is very good, but you can’t directly change the mesh, and every small prop needs to be made in OBJ format then imported. The worst part is that once you export from MD, it becomes a point cache (or MDD or alembic), which is very hard to deal with in Blender. If you made a mistake then you need to go back to MD and run the whole simulation again.

I’m considering just use Blender to make clothes. But it’s very intimidating. I spent 2 days and still can’t get how “Cloth” “Rigid Body” “Collision” interact with each other. Especially I never know when to use Rigid Body’s “passive/active” “dynamic” and “animated”. I feel it will take much much longer time to learn than MD.

Is Blender’s cloth simulation comparable to MD for those who get a hang of it? Or am I wasting my time and should just stick with MD?

I found MD much more enjoyable to use. Try exporting using Alembic, I think MD supports that. My biggest gotcha was FPS. If your target DCC is not running at the same frame rate as MD, the exported cache will shift over time.

The thing with any cloth system is that you are making a garment. The more you know about sewing, the better your result will be.

Check out Lori’s youtube on making garments using MD.

@raincole beware that Blender’s cloth simulation solver is outdated and do not handle dense meshes very well. It is also unoptimised for modern hardware.