is blengine's name still blengine? Q about BMXstreet4

(ineedanewbi) #1

hey blengine… i cant seem to find any posts here with your name…

anyways… i really like ur bmx street game, except there were a few problems like grinding and haveing no tricks

well i modified it,… hopefully for the better

i added “better” grinding with a keyboard key “A”
and i added a superman trick with “X”
and i added a wipeout
and some other tweaks

its here
if u like it better, upload it to

hope ur not mad with my fiddlling, its just that i thought it could use some work…

its really blengines game and not mine.
who do u like the new additions?

(Pooba) #2

Blengine is Imgrandpaboy now.


(wiensta) #3

haha, personally I prefered blengine…easier to write…

(valarking) #4

me 2, but i prefer both to masta. :wink:

(joecool) #5

hehe, was masta blengine? I always thought masta was a big dork. haha that’s funny.
Also, I uploaded blengines game. I was going to upload other also when I had time, but now I have nothing to upload :frowning:
I don’t think that he will update that game anymore, it was one he made a long time ago. And that was an improvement from his first one. hehe, it didn’t even have any animations I don’t think…

(ineedanewbi) #6

actually, it is pretty old, but it is a good game

its got good geometry and graphics and it DID have animations using an armature

he should continue to work on it, but i guesse he felt it was good enough to say it was complete… o well

hopefully he wont mind that others continue with this old work which is pretty good

(blengine) #7

haha, personally I prefered blengine…easier to write…

hi, my freinds call me gramps :wink:

he should continue to work on it, but i guesse he felt it was good enough to say it was complete… o well

oh no, lol…couldnt be more opposite, i felt it WASNT good enuff to complete =D i had plans of dave mirra in me, but couldnt stack up in graphics and control back then… maybe i will try to remake it =\

and no i didnt mind u fiddling, i dled it , and its very nice, good job, im currently working on a skateboarding game, ive got real grinding, about half of the tricks made, and half of a level made, perfect physics and rendererd graphics… farewell bmxSTREET4! :wink:


(hiachi) #8

well this has nothing to do with the topic, but if everyone flames me i dont care cause it will be the most replies i get in 2 months:

ive posted a topic and no ones responded, i mailed the people the topic was directed towards and still no replies…im just going to have to leave elysiun…i will still (and always) use blender…but if no one in realtime engine forum (thats the only place i go) replies, im just going to leave becaues its a waste of time in that case…i really want to know though, why is it that i never get replies as immediately as some people…?

(valarking) #9

maybe your question doesn’t interest them? as bad as it sounds, thats about the extent of it.

(joecool) #10

his FIRST bmx venture didn’t have real animations. this was his second one.