Is Bmesh dead?

Is Bmesh dead? I model in wings, silo and 3d coat on Ubuntu; but I would love to box model in blender 250.

No, end of discussion ;)!

It’s still under development. I believe there is a test branch somewhere here on BA though.

There hasn’t been any commits this month to the bmesh branch but that doesn’t say much.

um…I just downloaded a version of BMesh, and it said it was from the 15th…what’s the difference between a Commit and a svn version? aren’t they the same thing? :confused:

Let the developers time to a breath:
he worked hardly on sintel during you were on copacabana and enjoyed your holiday;)

It’s not dead. The rumors say that its sole developer, Joseph Eagar, have a lot to do in school and don’t have time to work on bmesh at the moment but the development will be picked up at some point.

Than it would be better to get tools like knifecut and bridgetool and bevel back i think?!

I think so too. Blender’s modeling is severely handicapped without those basic tools.

Yeah but the main thing I wonder about is why those tools were left out in the first place. I mean it doesn’t make sense that Blender already had the tools and didn’t include them in the next release.

Can someone explain that to me please?

I can’t understand why Bmesh is in the Blender 2.5 roadmap, when the developer is external to Blender Foundation, working on the project in the spare time and fairly far to finish.

Good point.

Well , for me looks very bury and long ago dead :yes:.

I think a lot of people gave money when he was sick and send more and more money because he always wanted it .

At last i can think he desappointed all the people that trust in him :yes: .

The Big problem is to have only want developer in one thing , letting the proyect aside with no solution:no:

Last time I heard 2.49 still is the latest Blender for real production work, but good luck with 2.5 alphas and betas…

Before considering the project dead, ask the developer first.
A coma is not death.

So…code 'em up and submit a patch.

Easy-peasy lemon-squeezy…

Yep, way to motivate him to spend his (apparently limited) free time working on this.

Maybe if all the ‘desappointed’ people pool their money they could pay for me to drive out to LA and kick him in the balls for them.

Is it common for people to assume that everyone here is a coder? :wink:

No, Blender 2.5 did not already have those tools. They’re probably waiting because it’s nonsense to perform the same work twice.

Would you build a house and break it down to rebuild it again?

joseph was hired by the blender institute to work on features for sintel, ie, no work on bmesh. don’t know what he is doing now, enjoying a well deserved vacation maybe. please don’t jump into conclusions when you have no clue what is going on. this is one of Blenders most talented coders, show him some respect.

I meant that the tools were there in 2.49 and not in 2.5

And is it really that hard to use the code you already have and implement it in 2.5? I mean you will have to do it eventually anyway so…