Is Clement Foucalt in good health?

Not sure what to think of it, but i saw this comment, wondering if all is OK with Clément Foucault


Reverting a commit usually means you’ve made a mistake. Depending on how silly a mistake it is, you might feel a bit foolish. Self-hate certainly isn’t the solution, but it is a common reaction.

Am developer, can confirm this is a common sentiment when I make an obvious mistake.


Yep, that´s the spirit of programming…

My guess is that he considered this a less-vulgar version of “FML”, which isn’t meant to be taken as strongly as it sounds. More of a whinge than a curse.

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As someone who has been dealing with a suicidal family member, I think it’s very good of you to call attention to this. No matter how innocuous such a comment may seem, it is ALWAYS better to bring it to light and be wrong, than to have it go unnoticed until it’s too late.


You don’t even have to work with compiled languages to experience this frustration, even easy-to-use languages like what you have with the BGE or Godot can give you situations where you have to make several attempts or more to fix a problem.

You have a bug in your game and you try to fix it, it doesn’t work so you change something, and it still doesn’t work so you change something else, and it still doesn’t work so you have to rethink that area. Now how often it occurs, and how many tried you need, will depend on your knowledge in the area you are working in, but it still happens.

It can fluster you because it holds you back from getting your goal for the day done, and it can delay items on your todo list by a few days as well. In rarer instances it can actually jeopardize a feature, such as the reason why soft shadows were close to never landing in Eevee in any form.

I once worked on a project and I was just learning CSS at university - basically every commit looked like this :smiley:


Programmers are never in good health

I can understand that. And don’t get me wrong, I’m definitely not shaming anyone here. Most people actually don’t make the connection Razorblade did unless they’ve been through it themselves or know someone who has. That’s why it’s a good thing when someone does spread awareness, because it could be the one in a million chance that a life is saved.

That’s how my mom’s life was saved. :slight_smile:


Of the ego…


i think you overact a little. none of you know him personally… if there really is something wrong then it’s the job of his family, friends and colleagues…


I did have an after though writting the commit message. But I went with it. Well I won’t make that mistake again. Thanks for remembering me that I should be more careful about what I write online.

For those who doubted: I pushed a broken commit because I did not even test compile and I should know better.

But yeah given that people can take whatever they want literally it can be scary.


That’s because CSS is hot garbage. There are a lot of little edge cases that are simply impossible or very hacky to accomplish and the reason so many pages turned into div soup. “Separate the style from the content” they said… well good job: spacer elements, clearing elements, blank elements, invisible elements, wrappers inside of wrappers inside of wrappers, positioning rules *combined* with transforms to do and undo something to make it look right. Combine those workarounds with browser specifics, some javascript or worse yet, jQuery, and we have a bloated piece of trash from depths of web dev hell.

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what I’ve see in recent times, is that there are people- cultures,
who don’t understand allegories and metaphors
they take what they are hear or read too literally

It´s perfectly normal to wish for a quick, liberating death when bugfixing (been there) :smiley:

i don’t think it was made with ill intentions, though. Take it as genuine concern from followers of your work

This one was hilarious!:rofl:

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