Is creating an MMORPG online using blender something achievable?

I know there are tutorials which explain how to make a server using blender or that there is blender buster which allows you to put your games online.

I had in mind to start making a team project MMORPG fully made in blender,so before starting the project I want to be sure that making the actual game is possible,so I want to verify is if blender is capable to fully make a game which can be easily put online for user who do not have blender and want to play the game online by signing in with their account into the game.

If BGE it’s not capable of such a thing or a MMORPG is to complex and long to make, what would you suggest I should do?
Should I just simple make a normal RPG in team projects or should I go for the MMORPG?
Thank you in advance.

I am not sure about anything, but having a server send clients data, and the client draw the data in a “viewer” is how it is done I believe,

So, you have limits like how many people a server can handle, how many people can be in the screen without crashing the game?

What if everyone wants to go to point X on the map at the same time? pooF!

Thanks,you just made me realize that making an actual MMORPG especially using blender is something which is too complex and out of my reach,So I might just just make an RPG game using BGE.

But then ,is there a way to have people play the BGE game online without using buster (buster file limit size is 15 which is too low).

MMO is an acronym for Massive Multiplayer Online.

The Massive part is something you must consider. You can do this in any engine, but almost guaranteed that you’ll need to write specialised networking code to support it. In the case of Blender, you’d either do this at the engine level, or write an interface that communicates with some kind of verse-esque api to update the visual scene (essentially making the engine pointless as it becomes a dumb render / potentially physics terminal).

For MORPG, you’ve got a greater chance. At the end of the day, it’s just a case of separating network code from game logic
The important thing to realise is that game logic must be written differently to support a network.

I’m working on a network library for a patched version of blender. It wouldn’t be suitable for an MMO-genre game, because it doesn’t scale well in that manner, but for online games of fewer players it should be functional, and remove a lot of the hassle in getting started.

@ agoose77 @ Thank you for the helpful explanation ;I might just make a simple game online using instead of an MMORPG ,also good luck with your networking library.