is creating this game in blender possible?

i wanted to create a game based on an anime that i watched, i though hey, blender has a game engine but can you actually make the level of game from this video, here’s a sample of the anime and what i’m basically trying to create:

the aim of the game is to kill the giants, there would be different locations, a plane field,a city, and high woods
all objects in the game can act of a point of anchor for the player to maneuver around, because as for now, all games is to be described is multiple platform where you can stand on and there are ways (fixed) to move on to the second layer with 3d visualization to it, but in this game, the whole thing has to be 3d, would that be possible?
there would be ai for the giants that can basically kill the player in air or even pull the string and hence kill the player, there would be gauge of gas there is and player limbs can be cutted off, but most of the time, it would be one off kill. as you could see from the video, the player can pass through underbridges, tree (slowing velocity), and grab onto surfaces right after maneuvering,
as for the giants, it could only be killed when cutted by neck if not it will recover over time, there is not health guage in the game, if you slice the giants’ eyes they wonder around, cut their leg joints, they can’t move, cut their hands, they can’t attack etc etc.
would it be possible for blender game engine to do that? or does it need to use another engine to be created? or do i have to create my own engine (not that i know how to do so). for the forests, there are only tall trees and you can stand on the branches and all objects are to be placed randomly(randomly place pre-meshed items, and for land, it would be produced randomly), so every time a new game starts, mesh would be placed and all meshes are a point of anchor for maneuvering, the player’s gear would pull the string that is attached to the anchor pulling the player towards the anchor and this is how the player would maneuver.
i guess you would need to work out all the physics of center of gravity and stuff.
but here is the main question:
can i do this in blender? or does it need to be from other engines (unity 3d?) or is it impossible for current technology?

It would help if the video link actually worked because your description is a bit unclear on what would be so hard about making the game.

But I can tell you if you’ve never programmed before it’s not a good idea to start working on something that you reckon is incredibly hard to make to begin with. Start easy and succeed before going for more challenging and bigger games.

Link does not work.

It sounds possible (in part, some bits might be hard), but would be a big undertaking. Python would be mandatory too.

From the description I guess you’re talking about shingeki no kyojin! The recent Titan’s anime!
Well, I’ve seen a template of that game, and noticed that the hardest part is the 3D maneuver gear! Unless both anchors go to the same direction, it’s quite feasable, but even there, the maths involved can be tricky. It would be simpler to fake a lot!
There’s no complex gameplay, but the physics displayed in the anime wont be not a 10th as flashy as in the anime.

Yes it’s possible!

If you guys are talking about the two grappling hooks I don’t think making them physically realistic would be smart. Would be impossibly hard for the player to aim the launch directions and try to go where he wants.

Many games approach such thing (swing mechanics) actually backwards: the player swings where he wants and the engine fakes the swing rope where it needs to be in order for the player to go there. Easier to code and much easier to play.

OK the link works now, and yes; it’s from attack on titans and how long would it cost to do the whole game?
is it a realistic project for 1 man? or is it impossible?
if you’re free for projects, i would really like someone to help me for blender if it is make-possible

Well, how good are you at scripting, modelling etc? Some projects here have been going for years (I myself have been making a racing game for 2 years starting from scratch with no skills).

I did what Kheetor suggested and broke it down into small problems and solve each one as I learn(t). So for me, I did hundreds of tests and mini projects like AI, ship selection, timing etc before bringing them together. I then looked at Python- what you want is going to involve Python so that would be a priority if you do not know it already.

Only you know if you have it in you to finish it. Go by the numbers: make a game document and plan out what you need to do and not just jump in, as you will get frustrated and quit (like so many I have seen). Have a search around the forum and have a look at scripts and code that might help you.

I sound a little negative, but thats the reality of making a game. Its hard work, prepare for making everything you forgot (scene handling, sounds, music- like me :wink: ).

But good luck!

The maneuvering (seen lots of spellings on that word :p) isn’t that hard since you fake it and not actually do rope physics for it. The player basically makes a special scripted leaping jump in a direction and ropes fire in predetermined locations or predetermined directions based on it. This was done with PS1 Spider-Man and probably even before that.

Your questions are trivial. How do you define making a game out of anime? You have to outline what you want in more detail before you or anyone else can begin to estimate how long it takes. You could have a prototype of maneuvering with white cube that leaps around on white plane between other white cubes as buildings in BGE in 5 hours even if you knew nothing about Blender or coding to begin with. A textured and animated characters doing battle mechanics with giants in “open world” setting with destroyable buildings, complete with story and music in high definition? Never.

But somehow it seems you are in a rush and just in love with that anime and I can tell you your enthusiasm will likely fade off before you could get any satisfying results. But on the other hand you could start getting into BGE and game design with this idea and see how far you can get and next time trying something out comes much easier. :slight_smile:

it’s kinda what you say, but i’ve always wanted to make a game therefor i started learning 3d modeling and using blender, but i’m still only starting advance computing for a few months, so i kow nothing about programing but i can do meshes!
what should i start with? please give me advices

I think, you should learn a little of python, there are several tutorials and it’s easy to learn. Then you should do some test with cubes to achieve part of the behaviour you want. Part of the 3D-manouver gear is that the user has 2 cables at left and at right side of his/her body. You should be able to achieve this by using Soft Bodies + RigidBodyJoints(Its quite similar to a part of a project Im developing). After that, I think you can research about how to control characters, for example for walking, jumping or shooting the cables of the gear.

These will take few days. Start with…

  • Make simple complete Mario like 2D game with simple/basic graphic (more dimension = more work, more work = more time wasted on adjusting), learn UV, texturing, animated texture, alpha/transparency, etc.
  • Learn user input & interaction & AI between in game objects.
  • Add sound & background music.
  • Add UI, menu, scorecard (reading files). Fonts!
  • Keep/save score (saving files).
  • … finally. Make it look nicer & sound better.

Then, you are ready…

There are also many, many components to Attack on Titan that would be needed to make a worthy game. High-speed grapple transportation, fluid but controllable combat, the vast size of the arenas, all of the different types of movements and attacks which would need to be animated, etc.

Perhaps choosing just one of these elements to work on and perfect will help you with figuring out how to make the others. :slight_smile:

If you ask such questions, it means you are not a game designer/developper. So right now for you, that’s impossible. You need to build the skills for the job!

then what excatly should i start working on? the houses? the gear? the human? the ai? the physics?

The game mechanics! make a cube add the hook swing.

Step 1

Use logic to make a cube move, (not rope swing but walk etc)

Step 2

Use logic to play a animation (walking?)

Step 3

Attach animated mesh to cube with parent, set animated mesh to no collision,

Step 4

have a decent walk animation and start learning what it means to animate, code, think and repeat.

Everything is - 1 Physics (how it moves) 2 Gfx (how it looks)

check out this logic sample

press w while the cube is touching the “map” to trigger walking

the “cube” is the animated section,
the empty is the physics
the empty copies the property walk to apply forces
the mesh copies the property “touch” to check to see if the player is on the ground


PulsesOfForce (groundSense) (2).blend (437 KB)

ok, i have though about the how the basics of how the game would work, i think i need to first build a acceleration, mass, velocity system for it (rigid body?), would it be frame based or number based? if it was number based, it can be easier? build the velocity system with directions first, and then we can add the accleration system, then for the gravel, we can use a swing system and then add a factor that affects the velocity system (direction) and the accleration system then you get the whole gravle motion. then add resistence system that affects the velocity system and then for the acceleration, a basic sum, resistance = - acceleration, acceleration = + acceleration; so then you can decelerate when you go through trees and wind resistence factor.
and that should be the basic system for the game, tell me what do i need to learn to create this system

  1. Start Blender and from the top drop down switch to “Blender Game”
  2. Select the default cube with mouse2
  3. Go to object properties on the right and the last tab is “physics”
  4. Select “Dynamic” as physics type
  5. Go to Logic editor by changing one of the windows to “logic editor” from the bottom left corner menu
  6. Left section: Add Sensor -> keyboard and set key as spacebar
  7. Middle section: Add Controller -> And, link the keyboard sensor to that
  8. Right section: Add Actuator -> Motion, set “Force” to X: -100, Y: 0 and Z: 100 and link the “and” controller to that
  9. Add a plane object Shift+A -> plane and scale (S) it by 100
  10. mouseovering the 3D window press P

Now you can see it flying around with forces when you press spacebar. You can elaborate on that if you want.

is it possible to make a 3d swing mechanism? because that’s the whole point, and i’m thinking for the gravel part, the string would be added at the last, then gravel would work as the following:
a point aim (cursor), then when pressed, the system sets that set-ed point as a new center of gravity (OR MASS?)
but the problem would be, each player has 4 gravels, 2 to swing towards, and then the other 2 fired when swinged so that they can move. so how am i suppose to set 4 points as a center of mass (or swing?)

You shouldn’t worry about center of mass or gravity. In BGE you can use forces however you want so let the gravity do what it does and simulate the rope spring forces with python code or logic brick setup.

Raycast to the direction player is aiming, get 3d point where it intersects something that the rope can stick to and apply force towards that position. Do this for 2/4/x points. The mechanics in a nutshell is literally 2 lines of python code plus storing some variables.

The point is: get to know the BGE in brief before making too much guesses on how you should do it.