Is Crystal Space dead ? Crystal Space dead ? I love this engine so much but there are not updated for long time… You know what happen for CS ? If they keep up it or not ?

Any thought of this ?

It’s been dead to me since it utterly failed as a production engine back in yo Frankie! days. Also the only project I can think of that ever actually managed to make some good use of it was planeshift and I wouldn’t be surprised if they are/were working with basically a forked project.

Agreed, Yo Frankie! pretty much killed Crystal Space as a project (it was the engine’s chance to shine as it would have Blender as a level, asset, and script editor, as the core of it was just an API and had no interface out of the box).

And now there’s even less reason to use an engine like that because of the new breed of open engines that are fully functional creation suites (ie. they have fully featured editors which some even have for scripts). The early generations of FOSS in that area were largely just API’s that expected you to hook it up to an IDE like MSVC and make your own tools.

Crystal Space started out bad and never bothered to even try to get better.

And wow, Planeshift! There’s a blast from the past! That was the first 3D project I ever contributed to.

Yeah, planeshift was one of the very first open source game projects that managed to actually impress me. Funnily enough they are moving over to unreal engine now it would seem. - last updated in 2011 so yeah, definitely dead.

OW ! This is pity !

You can always try now Godot Engine and Armory3D, both very related with Blender and great tools.

did crystalspace become bge? which still lives on as a upbge?

I use upbge and it’s very much not dead

BPR, no.

Why is every thread an excuse to post wrectified wip demos?

I see, for some reason I thought that crystal space was bge before 2.49 *

and that wip hath no name or advertising
it’s a wip shows a very much alive and doing stuff bge/upbge

This thread is about Crystal Space, an engine that has no relation whatsoever with the BGE.

Some information

It’s also definitely dead, as you can see the URL has expired and is now for sale (ready for a new and different app. project to take it over)

Well, it is not really dead, just moved other site as here

The last news is from 2014 and the code hasn’t been updated since. It’s dead.

yea, but i see in the sourceforge last update is 2016 and there are some activity for discussion on sourceforge within… so not really dead just freeze for some long time i think.

I would not mind seeing it make a comeback…although I imagine it is pretty dated at this point.

A few commits per year (or even every few years) doesn’t really indicate a project being alive.

If Crystal Space starting getting commits daily (with the numbers being sustained or increasing), then we can reconsider the idea of it being dead.

Well the more appropriate way to say it then, it’s stagnant and once its fallen far enough behind - which it arguably already has, it wont find any new significant contributors.

depends on the size and complexity of the commits*

Once you’re stagnant in real-time rendering for a year or so, you may as well just start over from scratch. It’s not a field that lends itself to lazy development if you want to remain at all relevant.