Is CVS-style Saving Possible?

Is it possible for Blender to save files using the following pattern?

Example: testanim-12042004-152645

This would provide CVS-like facilities wherein the user assigns a base name to the scene-in-progress and thereafter simply saves their file whenever desired. An archive for the scene would then exist for every stage of development.

I learned the Microsoft Windows policy of saving often because a crash can occur at any moment. (No flames please.) Never needing to think of filenames would be a great relief.

Perhaps the Auto Save feature can be used to help me?

Thanks, Bob

If you need to keep an history of your blend files, just raise the Save Version value in the Auto Save tab of the Info window (where the user configs are).

Blender automaticly keeps an history of the files when saving, renaming the old files. By default, this is limited to 1 level, which account for the creation of the .blend1 everytime you save on top of an old file. If you raise that value to 3, Blender would keep backup up to .blend2 and .blend3 (deleting the .blend3 if present, renaming the .blend2 to .blend3, the .blend2 to .blend3 and the .blend to .blend1).