Is Cycles going to clear this up?

I have a scene in Cycles that has been rendering for about 10 hours (and still rendering as I type). The scene has a lot of glass in it but the glass has cleared up a lot. The only problem is that in certain spots the glass still has these white dots randomly scattered which are the size of a pixel or two. If I let this render will it clear up? Maybe I just want this project to be done already but I’m just curious if anyone else has had this happen before.

Depends how many cyles it’s done in that time; if you are above 2-3k then you might be better looking at way to simplify your lights, and reduce the number of them. Also look at ways at reducing the number of reflections.

That will be pretty hard because the scene is mostly glass and glossy. And I only have 3 lights. It is up to around 6,000 samples right now. Rendering for 10 hours…

Glass and glossy are great for fireflies, sadly. Is a thread somewhere that gave hints on reducing fireflies; can’t remember what it was called though.

Yes that is Cycles Glass shader bug, i tink we need some extra debug checks for infinity probability or eval values, or some degenerative directions. You cannot workaround them without changes in sources, use some post process filter as Gimp despeckle.

you can test with replacing lights with mesh-lights
make lights larger
and enabling “no caustics”

this should eliminate most hot pixels

Thanks for the gimp despeckle idea. That cleared everything up.