Is Cycles the new renderer?

Ok, so everyone keeps telling me different stuff…

Andrew Price maintains that Cycles is to replace Blender internal, yet people on blenderartists keep telling me it will remain external…

Is Cycles replacing the internal renderer or not?

You are not getting a straight answer because every answer you get is just based on pure speculation. Ton and Brecht or other devs involved in this would know. Everybody else is just making it up as they go along and stringing you along for the ride.

Just live in the moment and stop worrying about stuff you have no control over. If you want to use BI for as long as possible don’t upgrade from the last version of Blender that might have it as a render engine. Heck you can find builds of really old versions of Blender on so the option to upgrade or not is really always in your hands, something you have control over. But the will always be things that get out dated and removed from Blender from time to time. That fact is never going to change so learn to adapt or stay stuck using an old version.

Now quiet whining and go make pretty pictures.

cycles has replaced BI in my <3 …

one of the goals (which I like) is that cycles will be external from blender, the integration with the next gen render engines for blender, will i/o with blender via a render api.

this leads to a render api that puts 3rd party renderers au par with blender cycles. fairplay.

I liked LetterRips suggestion that BI also gets modified to also use the render api… then it doesn’t matter if it’s no longer developed as it’ll still be usable for those that want to without holding back cleaning up blender!..

Cycles is great, and I will definately be using it… But I still like the internal renderer for some things.

As long as I can still use the blender internal, I’m fine lol…

It’s a great idea, and perhaps it’ll even become totally nescessary to do so when Cycles is more mature, to avoid having BI as a giant “brake” on the development progress.

Only problem is who’ll do this, Brecht? Don’t like the idea of pulling him away from Cycles and the already time consuming bug-hunting/fixing progress aswell as work on the API (but the API stuff kinda goes hand-in-hand though)

I know it is a sad moment to say goodbye to you WWII-vintage propeller fighter and then get into a F-22 Raptor… but I expect everybody to be strong and don’t cry too openly :evilgrin:.