Is development of the Blender game engine dead?

I began learning a bit about Blender some years ago. I only learned some basic box modeling before I had to refocus my time on other things. At that point in time it was exciting to see that Blender had a game engine under development. Returning to learning Blender again recently I see lots of mentions that development of the game engine will not move forward, or that the game engine will refocused around simulations and other non-gaming uses. For the purpose of game development, is the Blender game engine dead?

Check it

beleive on bge can made a good games and have upbge too. I think blender 2.81 or … will have good news to BGE

  1. current version of internal bge development IS pretty much dead…that is no new things have been implemented in years.

  2. UPBGE continues growing and working very well(for me at least)…UPBGE is a fork of blender focusing on the advancement of the game engine

  3. There are plans(nothing concrete, no design docs) to bring BGE up to speed and possibly use nodes in blender 2.8.

The previous statements are things I have read across the internet from here and the Blender Foundations mailing list…anyone feel free to correct me if I made a false statement.

The blender 2.80 previews do not have a game engine. Nor is it likely to get one between now and release, although youle is trying.
HOWEVER, when talking to Ton at the blender conference, he made it very clear he wanted blender to contain some real-time engine. So I imagine bender 2.85 or so may have some sort of game/interactive engine.I posted thread about it a couple months ago.

For now, use UPBGE or some other engine.