Is end object memory leak fixed in BGE in 2.5 Alpha 2

I want to connect a series of points with a line in the BGE to make a poor man’s rope. Don’t need it to be high quality because it is from an isometric view (like an RTS). If I use planes connecting to each point I can do it, but adding and ending them meant memory leaks in older BGEs. Doesn’t sound like a huge concern because they are planes, but obviously the ideal situation wouldn’t have the leaks.

So to achieve it I need to know:
Is there another creative way to draw lines in BGE from an isolated view or is the memory leak fixed? I need a solution that is flexible to many situations (the length and turning points of the rope may never be the same twice, although they will always fall within a range), so animating a shape key or ipo won’t work very well.


I thought this got fixed a few versions ago? Are you having problems with a memory leak in 2.49?

I just tested this. It seems to be fixed in 2.49b.

Hmm Okay. thanks.