Is Essential Blender book still worth buying?

I am planning to buy Essential Blender pdf from Blender store. Is this still worth the money?

From the free chapter I say it’s a good read. It’s worth the money of course, but it’s outdated. I’d rather wait for a new book. The new Blender is not only different in almost every aspect, some things also have been cut out and a lot of stuff was added.

If you really want to learn the basics using version 2.49, yes, it’s worth the money.

Actually I already have the basics. So I guess then I will let it go.

What about DVD training 3: Character Animation ? I am a real newbie in character animation.

It depends on your current level of skill. If you are just starting, the original 2.3 manual is perfectly valid for use with Blender 2.49b. It will get you started with a basic ‘Gus’ tutorial and generally covers the basics very well. It’s laid out pretty well and you can skip any ‘intro’ stuff like installing if you are already past that part. The index is enormous making it a little easier to find answers.

The Essential Blender was written for Blender 2.4 which is still the official release of Blender. It could be a long time before all the bugs are fixed and all the features restored in Blender 2.5 so unless you like working one-handed I’d say use 2.49b and if you already have some experience with blender, then Essential Blender can add some new detail to what the original manual provided. It’s index is not as thorough and there is some redundancy with the 2.3 manual.

If you have already done some rigging, a few particle systems. and understand the basic differences in the various lamps. you might be better off with a more specialize book like ‘Character Animation’ or ‘3D lighting’.

Thanks for the reply. Would you recommend DVD training 3: Character Animation?

I would, I own it and it’s still relevant. It’s a good starter for animation, I recommend it highly.

ok… Thanks a lot.

Essential Blender is also a great read, the material inside is extremely easy to digest and it also provides loads of practical exercises. I personally think its a MUST HAVE. You dont have to buy it , since its available online for free, but if you like me, go and buy it you will be supporting blender.

Yesterday I already bought Character Animation by Tony, Mastering Blender and Bounce, Tumble, and Splash!: Simulating the Physical World with Blender 3D, worth Rs. 5500! In my country any book over Rs.500 is very very costly. On that parameter I am now a lunatic who spent so much money on books. Anyway I love Blender. :stuck_out_tongue: