Is GE unstable?


Ive been trying to run blender on an old machine at my school. the simplest of games runs at about 10 fps. My friend was playing Unreal Tournament 2004 on the same machine and it runs at about 60 fps. I’ts not just my games ( I use all of the frame saving tips) but any blender made game. I just want to know if there is anything i can do to up the preformance of the ge for this old computer.

The machine is a 2.2 GHz with 256MB SDRAM and an ATI 128MB AGP card.

Try some other OpenGL game, maybe it’s the ATI’s OpenGL drivers. Also check the console for any errors.

It’s probably ATI’s OGL drivers. I have one of those and it’s really slow.

Search the forum for ATIOGLXX.DLL

Also, 256 MB RAM is too little these days. 1GB is just adequate.

I’m running with 256 Mb ram on my rig. I probably need to get more though.

Unreal Tournament 2004 runs on Direct X I believe. Blender runs on OpenGL. Some computers can run Direct X better than OpenGL.

Yes, the problem is almost certainly ATI’s poor OpenGL drivers. Go to the ATI site and download the latest drivers for the card in that computer. You’ll probably need admin access to install new drivers on a school PC, though.

BTW, I seem to remember seeing something maybe a year ago that said in certain circumstances you can use Nvidia OpenGL drivers with ATI cards to get better performance. It was on this board, so just search it and take an hour or two to search through all the junk and find what you need (if it matters that much to you).