Is "Graininess" only Present when using AO?

To reduce “Graininess” at render time you are supposed to increase the 'Samples" from the default 5 to 10 or so.

Problem is I am not using AO so my “Gather” Settings (World Icon > Gather > Samples) are greyed out because I am not using AO.

How else can I reduce the graininess in my renders or is this only needed when using AO?


If you are using raytraced shadows for Area lamps (maybe Spots, too), you need to set the samples higher for those as well.

Sampling applies to a number of situations involving raytracing, so it’s a good idea to check all the specs when using RT.

Actually omni and sun-lamps can also produce grainy shadows if you don’t have enough samples, I generally would use at least 12 samples if you want to eliminate the grain, for very soft shadows upping that to 16 samples.

Or of course have a copy of 2.5 and grab one of the WIP exporters for Yafaray and Lux, which might be better because in BI you can’t accurately render say, frosted glass on a shiny floor (due to a limitation regarding reflections)

Ok, thanks guys. So I need to increase the samples for each lamp type. I didn’t see them but I will look again. Thanks.