is group scaling possible?

So i made all these signs all with the same text size.
converted to mesh and joined to an adjusted cube like thing as a background.

then i realised that i made them all way to big.

is there some way i can group them and scale them down to the correct size?

the file should open with signtoronto002 which is the sample size.
thanks all


worldtrip2.blend (2.45 MB)

I’m not sure I understand what it is you’re trying to do. Group scaling is possible; you just select (Shift + RMB) all objects and press ‘S’.

If each objects have a correct origin point.

select individual origin as pivot point then you can scale them. and they will keep their initial place. dont even need to group them. ( each object will use his individual origin as center of the scaling point. )

This work in edit as in object mode.

thanks guys