Is Gta kind of game possible in bge

The terrain example

An example main character

Just wondering:evilgrin:

is a question?

Yes. So, is it

Sorry english, Yes its possible, but you need experience, a team and much, much time, for terrain:

1)Lod system, like at the video.
2)Another lod system for the objects, i recommend you the lod make by kupoman.
3)You need create the map in a paper, and you need have much details of what do you wanna before star to create the map.

OHH, and you need a dynamic loading for load the map divide in tiles, because if you have the map complete in 1 file, or 1 file and link objects,take too,too,too long to load

And…you need to use python…

I wonder what a good gta kind of game would do for bge’s rep

I update a little the last message :smiley:

Yes you can with massive LoDs and optimisation techniques but you won’t reach the quality of GTA v / RAGE engine :wink:

If you sit postulating about it, you’ll never know if it’s possible or not.

Yes, it’s possible with BGE, with far better textures/graphics than the original GTA, with way smoother controls that run can run on way lower spec hardware. Chances of anyone accomplishing it? Pretty low. BGE is more than capable, but GTA is a big game, and there is only so much that people can do for free.

sdfgoeff is right, the BGE is not the problem, GTA is just a massive game and it would require a lot of experience and work to make it as good as GTA.
My advice: Start with something smaller, if it’s good in the end you have the motivation and knowledge to create something that is bigger and more complex.
And of course as always: Plan befre you do anything ! :slight_smile:

Cartoony light weight “gta” style game would be great, I wouldn’t aim for realistic look but cartoony instead :wink:

You mean something like this game: Retro City Rampage

Cartoony is not my style

NO, the real gta game type

Since it’s very possible, can someone give the specs of a very good pc in the price range of $10,000 to $30,000

I want to buy the dell precision m6800 mobile workstation when it is released but i don’t know which graphics card will be good for extremely fast modelling and game creation in blender and bge


I have a piece of advice for you, stop wasting your time on this forums unless you really have an important question and start working the skills…

Extreme fast modeling…why You model faster then light???

and even if BGE could make GTA you alone never could…

I started this thread and this question is important to me. DOn’t have anything useful to add, then leave

I’ve found that style is harder to do especially something cartoony. Anyway- good luck and post your results.