Is having multiple themes wrong for 3D artist?

Question for me and other novices. As far as I see from ArtStation, most of 3D artists are picking specific theme for their work. Some, are creating weapons, others are modeling animals, and another group makes interiors.

Is it recommended for 3D artists, to choose specific theme they like, or it doesn’t matter if you work on couple ones (for example, like creating creatures, furnitures and hard surface objects) ?

What if the goal you want to achieve, includes multiple themes ?

Artists are told to specialize in one thing, because when a company or a client needs something in particular, like a cool sword, they will hire the person who models nothing but swords. They will hire the guy named “Sword_Freak” who has 500 sword models on his ArtStation. Obviously he’s the best artist for that job.

But that’s not the only way to get a job in industry. If the client needs something other than swords, they won’t hire Sword_Freak because they won’t think he can do anything else.

So just work on whatever you want. If you’re not getting paid, you might as well pick something you enjoy!

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I myself do everything across the graphics board… I am not specialized in anything… therefore I am no expert in one thing… but I get better at everything bit by bit, since I cover all aspects…
But as Rocketman mentioned… if the Industry is the aim, then you better specialize in becoming the best in, for example modelling a cube… in many variations, and hope that a cool short term project pops up that requires cool cube models , that only get paid lousy. :slight_smile:

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There is no one, or right way to approach any of this.

I don’t think the guy who gets hired to be the armor maker set out to be “the armor maker”. I am sure that can happen. But mostly it is just happenstance. You start working on something because you want to get good at it. Somehow, someone finds out you can do that, and they hire you. And then one thing leads to another. Next thing you know you are full time making helicopters for a year. The only way out of that is to manage your time and keep learning to do other things. Because either of three things are going to happen. You are going to burn out on making aircraft, aircraft jobs will dry up, or you are going to find yourself in need of work with nothing in your portfolio but aircraft. And you will loose out on all of the jobs because no one can believe you can do anything else.

The one thing to remember. Especially in the beginning is that you make your future based on what you do now. So if you really want to diversify make that plan now. And do a wide range of things really well. But one by one, if possible to really nail it. If on that journey you wind up being hired to do the first thing you mastered, then make plans to keep learning and add to your portfolio so you can have more options to get hired down the way, and also keep your interest in the game as you go through the years.