Is i7 5820K better than i7 4790K when working with subdivided highpoly models?

I’m using the subdivision modifier with my models to bake some textures and I noticed that I can’t go higher than about 4 million polygons with my i7 4790K, because Blender starts to lag. I was hoping that somebody with Haswell-E line of CPU’s can tell me how far they are able to subdivide their models without lag. I was hoping to go as far as 6 or 8 million polygons. Can somebody tell me if it’s possible and with what PC components? Thanks in advance.

I don’t have a Haswell E processor, but if you’re talking about the display itself, then what will have a far greater impact for performance would be if you upgraded your GPU instead (because it’s not the job of the CPU to draw the polygons).

That’s not to say a faster CPU wouldn’t be beneficial for a host of other things (such as calculating the modifiers themselves).

I just upgraded my GPU to GTX 970 about 6 months ago, but already have plans to get GTX 1070 when they come out. I hope to get some improvement with it.

What I want to do is have a lowpoly version and higpoly version of the model and bake the textures from the highpoly model over the lowpoly model. As I said, the PC starts to lag at about 4 million poligons, but that’s not enough to get my model detailed enough to bake the texture and was hoping to subdivide it to about 8 million polygons. Is it still the display what affetcs it and is a GPU rather than CPU what I need?

So, the GPU is what I need to upgrade rather than the CPU, as I said I plan to get a GTX 1070 when they come out. Maybe I’ll wait for the custom models rather than buy the reference models quickly.



i7 5820K / 3.3 GHz Processor - LGA2011-v3
4x8GB DDR4 2133MHz PC4-17000 CL15

Made a quick dirty test.


8 M Face…No problem at all…Viewport is Smooth as butter…:slight_smile:
32 M Face…Close to the same…Smooth.

Brushes work as normal.


Same as Subdivison.

Mutires can go to 128 M Face…See Picture…But viewport LAG…Preview 8 :slight_smile:
Brush stroke work good.



Subdiv use close to 2 times the memory as Mutires…Subdiv 8 M Face = 3 Gb…32 M Face = 5 Gb

Multires…Use 6 Gb when it subdivide from 6 to 9…When the mesh is updated it go back to 2 Gb

See it in Picture…It is possible to sculpt with 128 M Face If You have Time…) Brush work as normal.
But viewport Damn…He he


Forgot to say…I wrote Blender in Suzan’s right eye and Rock in the dot after…Puff Puff


Thanks for the info, it’s really useful. I’m not able to see the pics, can you fix it please?

I was wondering if there’s any settings for my GPU that will help me with the lag.

May I ask what GPU are you using?

I was wondering if there’s any settings for my GPU that will help me with the lag.

Sorry for the double post.


I upload the pic again…Hope you can get the Attached Thumbnails…:slight_smile:

I use a 980 ti 6 GB…I di not wrote it because it’s in the picure…Don’t think You can do much with lag…:frowning:



So, there’s a change that the improvement comes from the GTX 980Ti instead than the CPU. Am I right?

I made a test on my PC:
i7 5820K 3.7GHz, 32GB DDDR4 RAM
GTX 970 4GB

Monkey with applied subdivission 6 - 8 million faces - still smooth
another subdiv - 32 million faces - it is already quite laggy - system memory 16gb used, gpu memory 3.2GB used

Thanks for such useful piece of information. This is exactly what I was looking for.
I’ll do a test also with monkey in my system:

i7 4790K 4.0 GHZ, 16GB DDR3 2400 MHZ RAM, GTX 970. I’ll look for highest polycount where it lags and post it here.

I think that I will wait for the Broadwell-E CPU’s that are supposed to be released in Q2 2016. They should give me even better performance than my i7 4790K and even better when I add the new GTX 1070. Thanks for your help!