Is importing 3ds dumb or WHAT?

I’m trying to import a 3ds into another scene and it won’t work.

Is this because it’s fully textured?

When I try to import it replaces my cursor with the mac spinning wheel and goes Unresponsive.

WTH People?

Yes, it is broken.

I find 3ds import useless these days. No one cares because 2.5 is coming out.

I invite the developers, if they really want to fix this, to visit and browse the free models section and pull down a few .3DS files and try them. It seems to me that 3DSMax has altered the way it exports 3DS files and this cause the Blender importer to fail. It scatters the pieces all over the place. Even though there is a big fat button call fix it, it does not work.

If you absolutely have to have the 3DS model in question, I recommend simply downloading the latest version if 3DSMax demo and using the 30 day trial to convert the 3DS into an OBJ. This does work.

Is this only a problem on Windows then…?

It works just fine here on linux.