Is Industry Standard keymap unfinished?

1 - I ask because there are many missing keys from Blender native keymap and do not seem any reason they are not merged into since they do not conflict. Example align camera to view

2 - to add specific Blender Keymaps to Industry Keymaps is there a easy way to just copy a command and paste it?

I tried the Blender keymap for 6 months and never really liked it, So I use a modified version of the
industry hotkeys.

The industry keymap is definitely unfinished, still needs a lot of work, not sure if anyone is working on it?
I was able to move some hotkeys from the Blender map by switching to the Blender keymap, copying the command I wanted and then switching back to my keymap and creating a new hotkey and pasting in the command.

It works but its a really painful workflow. The keymap editor in Blender is really powerful but also really really confusing.

There are people out there that have created keymaps that mimic other software, I tried one that was based on Softimage, You might be able to find one that is close to what you want.