Is insertmesh brush and x tractor brush possible python programming wise

well since you can add to the toolbar in edit mode addons like merge tool fast loop with hardops to do this they add to the toolbar its definitely possible to do the same with sculptmodes toolbar now lets get to the point
is insertmesh brush with xtractor brush possible with python programming plus we can add a object menu above the texture one its possible many addons add to the properties too ya know or use asset browser for a library of shapes for insertmesh brush

without telling us what those things are it will be difficult to answer

im talking about can insertmesh brush be possible in python with xtractor brush if so then can 3ds max plugins be possible in python i wanna pythons limits

since your a addon developer and you know python can these two tools be possible like being able to add shapes as a brush in sculpt mode if not possible then can anything be done to emulate

You haven’t told me what ‘xtractor brush’ is, so I really don’t have enough context to answer that question. I don’t use 3dsmax.

well a brush that extracts detail from mesh and makes a alpha out of it to be used for detailing on different parts of mesh

also insertmesh

Yeah probably not possible with python alone, sorry

no need to say sorry it was just a question i asked of the possibility of such tools

which of them is more likely to be possible with python

hey testure i think insertmesh is possibe its basically object brush duplicating objects on the surface of a mesh