Is intel core i7 5500u good for 3d rendering in Blender?

I will buy a new laptop this week and the seller advised me to take lenovo z5170 (core i7 5500u)

Is Intel core i7 5500u dual core good for 3d rendering in blender or I have to get higher quad core processor like Intel core i7 6700HQ?

(I will use blender for making minecraft animations)
(please advice me with a laptop)

I need answer this week please. Thanks

will it render? yes.
will it be fast? Probably not. It depends on so many factors, not least the final quality you’re after.

@Isscpp Is Intel i7 6700HQ good?

Hi PolarFalcon, the problem is not the CPU higher number more performance more $$$.
The problem is mobile CPU give 80% of a desktop CPU but cost 300%.
Second, you get often heating problems.
Blender use 100% of your CPU.
You can search for “passmark yourcpu”, for example:

The 6700 is double as fast as the 5500u.
Buy a laptop only if you really need it, they are not suitable for 3D rendering.

My old i5 from 2012:

is as fast as the 6700HQ.

Cheers, mib