Is is possible to create a network game in blender?

Hello Everyone! I am a C++ developer with a passion for video games. I have always wanted to create a game and started learning 3d graphics a while back. Then I discovered Blender!

I am interested in making a network-based game but looking at previous posts it is questionable whether networking is possible in Blender/Python.

So Is it possible then? If not why not? If anyone has attempted it and gave up could you please briefly explain what the problems were.

If it is possible I would definitely like to attempt a Network Python Script. It might take a while - I am quite experienced at C++ Sockets/Networking but I have just started learning Python!

no, not yet

blender doesn’t have any networking features built in, and trying to do network stuff in the game engine is painful and not exactly functional. People have got things to work, but they required too many things for it to be useful.

of course you can export models from blender using python and use your own engine or an improvement of another

blender doesn’t have any networking features built in

I was assuming that the network code would be purely python based. ie. you send information over the network such as the location of characters then and at the other end the python reads the data and displays the objects. (Extreme Simplification! But you get my point).

Isn’t that possible?

Anyway, Thanks for the reply!


Yes You can basicly make a python sever and have blender send/recieve data from the server.

The problems most have is moving things streamless… Then it get down to how much data you are actrally sending becuase it just gets more painly to add new varibles to send/recive

saluk,TayloR and Blender_owl have all tried to get networked games working in blender with more or less success. You might want to contact them and see what pitfalls and successes they hand.

:smiley: it is very possible, just hard. If you are starting a networking project i would love to help. Contact me at [email protected]

We can start from scratch or use the client and server made by lunarknight and me. The problem is setting positions. I think there is a way around it so that u dont just send the postion. Saluk used flags i think im gonan try flags too.


I’m doing a morpg (multiplayer on-line rpg) in python whith a friend. I’m about to do interface in blender (server, client, protocol and everything else is already done). For now there is console-based user interface (ncurses), but if someone is interested in, please visit and grab sourcecode.

Tace care…

making network game with Blender is possible …

Have a look here:
and here:

A web site is being created here:

Why not joining us ? we’re looking for coders …

We’ve got a CVS from to work in a collaborative way: