Is it a bug?

Hey, I’ve been trying to fix a weird problem that I have been encountering during rendering (I actually just got done taking care of another problem with the help of the good people on these forums and hope that you will be able to assist me again). My problem is that there is a smudge of incorrect color on my character when I render him. I zoomed in on the rendered image and discovered, much to my surprise, that what I thought at first was just a smudge of color turned out to be my UV map, reduced to a tiny size and repeated several times at different angles. I have no idea why I am seeing this but I would love to be able to have it resolved. I’ve included pictures of the UV map and the rendered image of my character. Everywhere else my UV map was wrapped correctly around the mesh and the coloring is right, but for some reason it pasted the flattened image a few times in this one spot. Is this a bug or did I do something wrong? Thanks.


It looks as if there are still some Faces unwrapped and this way using the complete texture.

And some seams of your unwrap are looking strange as well.
Make shure, all normals pointing outward with:
EditMode - Select all faces - Press Ctrl+N.
Then unwrap again.
If you don’t want to loose your UV Layout pin the vertices first in the UV Image Editor.

If you create new faces after you unwrap, they’ll use the default UVs, i.e. the entire space. Maybe that’s what happened here?

Thank you so much, that really was a stupid mistake on my part but now it works! Thanks again.