Is it a good idea to embed your brand name on 3d models you sell?

I sell 3D models like furniture, cars and stuff. But I decided recently to sell 3D models of weapons of my own design. Should I include my brand name on the weapons like “Zimr Corp” or “Zimr Industries” ?

yeah, that is a good idea,

it helps with branding, and as you get more famous
people can spot your work by your fictional references,

If you are asking this because the other thread that is out there, I think that this other thread poses something else.
I do not know if I understood you correctly. You mean literally to embed your name in the model? or include your name somewhere else?
It does not seem a good idea to embed your name in the model you sell. I’m not sure, but I guess the author’s name, license and all necessary information should be in a text document alongside the model you are selling.

he means a fictional brand name. like Capsule corporation, or umbrella corporation, as the maker of the items,

like a fictional brand name he reuses.

ie Acme -> Warner brothers.

Ok, now I understand.

No, I would not embed a brand nor any kind of proprietary marking into a model that I sold or provided. This would compromise the usability of the model for its intended purpose.

Just require a screen-credit.

And, make sure that the client is “dazzlingly happy” with the experience of having worked with you. Recommendations, references, and word-of-mouth referrals are bread and butter in business. (Any business.)

I think I would not. My colleague said just includes a custom texture.

I would have a small logo and the Website they can go to find that work or more like it. I’d place it on an unused part of the texture so not to be a bother to the costumer but rather a helpful reminder if needed.

Do it like this guy did.

Here’s the 2nd one for more of an idea.