is it a good idea to turn off microsoft update if your system is stable

Hello I’m just wondering what would be the downside of not letting windows update. i’m honestly abit scared that something gets installed and that i lose my data, im backing up my windows for the first time at this precise moment.

For the past few days my system has been freezing randomly.

I wuld love to use linux but I have too many mandatory softwares thaat only run on windows. Losing all my software woud be catastrophic because it would take along time to reinstall all.

I used an old restore point and im going to try stuff again once the windows back up is done. I hope it doesnt freeze , have just too much work at the moment to deal with computer issues.!

Andddd froze again while doing the windows back up XD!

This means i will not use my Desktop pc for the next 2 weeks because i dont have time to trouble shoot it or repair it correctly .
Thermodynamics exams in a master of civil egineering does requireabit of time too!

Both my wife and I allowed Windows to upgrade from 8.1 to 10 with zero problems and no loss of data. All my previously installed programs worked flawlessly (including all my games – very important :). My wife has a lot of data that she can’t afford to lose but everything went perfectly, and believe me, if something had gone wrong or if she had lost something I would have heard about it. Not saying you won’t have any problems, but from my experience it went very well.

I’m not talking about a upgrade, im talking about blocking win 7 updates, there is no way i will change to windows 10.

Has Windows 7 given you problems before?

I ask because there’s a few people out there who allege that Microsoft is intentionally creating problems in their Win7 OS (crashes, slowdowns, updates that take forever, ect…) in order to encourage an upgrade to 10, but I don’t think anything has been confirmed since nothing of the sort is being reported by the big tech. websites.

It’s also possible that a hardware issue has cropped up, how old is your computer? Is the hard drive making more noise than usual such as clicking, clanking or grinding? Is there any common usage between crashes, for instance it always crashes when using a particular program?

First of all, thank you very much for spending some of your time on this thread

Forgive me, i don’t understand how to use multiple quotes !

@acedragon: no i haven’t experienced anything like this.
My original train of thought is, that if my system is working perfectly fine the way it is why would i let windows update ( not upgrade) and change elements of my system that could disrupt the stability of my system ?
What can a windows update offer to a stable system?

@Tryder :My hardware is less than 3 years old [ gtx 780 , i7 4770k, platinum psu, high quality mother board], I had to replace the motherboard after 1 year, but i think it was a factory problem wich is statistically speaking highly unlikely, “just had really bad luck”, the mother board wasn’t giving me a physical error code, it was just dead and i got a total refund and since then no problem.

I suspect that currently i either have

-a sofware problem, and i will try to reinstall my OS (Is there a way to back everything up so that i dont have to relicense and reinstall the many softwares i need for University ?)

-an hardisk/ssd problem (yes my computer was vibrating abit more recently meaning i should have tighten the screws, and looked at the connections which i didnt do. I live in a 300 year old house with floors that can easily vibrate making it worse). My disk had to be checked for consistency on a recent boot. I i had to bet i would say its one of my harddisks failing.

My computer freezes now randomly, it freezes faster when doing more complicated task (youtube videos), but also freeze after awhile when doing nothing (not even related to idle mode sinc i turned it off)

Anyways i don’t have enough time to solve it now since its exam season (master civil engineering) it will have to wait a couple weeks.

One other thing to look into before a total redo is the video driver. Software updates can cause issues with an old driver. Lockup problems for me have always turned out to be video card/driver related.

Good luck. -LP

By the by as per the Windows Update question, when I was using Windows 7 I had Windows Updates turned off for several years never once doing an update and had no trouble. Of course I didn’t use Windows itself to browse the web, instead I had Windows Firewall block all incoming and outgoing traffic except for VirtualBox which, running Ubuntu, I used to do any on-line related work.

I did eventually decide to run Windows Update and, as you can imagine, there were quite a few updates. After downloading the updates my system rebooted and Windows would no longer start, BSOD. I had to use system restore to go back to before I had installed the updates then install the updates in small batches which worked.

as thy say,d it wont harm you to do it, it,s just going to stoop any update,s or new,s for your window,s
it was made to update your windows for newer version,s ,but if you dont want it , then there is no problem in that

An easy way to get all of you data off your HDD would be to create a bootable Linux OS off a flash drive (I mean, burn Linux Mint to a flash drive and than in BIOS tell your computer to start the system off the flash drive)
Than you can just navigate to C: and copy your program files and User data, photos, files ect, onto a second flash drive or EHD without having to start your unstable OS. If the problem is the windows installation, you can just copy all of your data from your hard drive without ever starting windows. I used this method to recover data off my old windows XP machine after the OS got corrupted. Than you can just reinstall windows and paste your program files and data back in c: .I don’t know how much this method would help in your case, but it’s just my idea.

I think we got a winner :D, I hope fixing/changing the hdd will solve my freeze / lock up problem!

In addition to what Grenzer said you can clone your current HDD onto a new HDD using tools designed for the job. This will copy all data to the new HDD preserving partitions. Generally this method copies the data from one HDD to another block by block rather than just copying files so the new HDD should have everything setup just the same as the old.

If you get a Western Digital drive I believe they come with a copy of Acronis for cloning. Other than that there are free tools such as clonezilla and the Linux dd command. If you choose dd, which you can run from a Linux live image, be sure to read up on it, for instance if you accidentally swap the source and destination on the command line then all of your data will be erased.

Of course that may not be the best option since your old drive may fail during the process. You also probably want to run chkdsk to fix bad sectors before cloning as cloning just copies block by block so bad sectors will be copied too.

as a NON Microsoft user

in win10
Basically you are " – bleeped – up"

basically your post gives no info at all regarding the freeze etc, so no one can give you any sensible help/advice - i might have nothing at all to do w/ your OS. as for updates, it depends. if you’re on the net, turning off updates might be risky as you could be missing out on security improvements etc. If you’re not on the net, or rarely, you might get away w/ it if you have a good AVS.
i have the same approach to VDU drivers, i have a stable card so i don’t eff about upgrading every time a new driver comes out - AMD smacked that lesson into me by buggering up several updates in a row. i’m not a hardcore gamer trying to eke out every last frame-per-second so it’s not vital to me.

@wolfie138: I’m pretty sure we already determined OPs hard drive is failing.

HDD failure
you got some months, at most a year of life left
best is to transfer ‘the soul’ to another body (all data to another disk)
if it already makes some ‘extra’ sound it might be too late, usually they die in a couple of months after