Is it a realistic Beer bottle?

Hello everyone,

Been a long-time dependent upon the forums here at Elysiun, however due to my work constraints and overall lousy work, I heve never actually contributed anything to the forums. OH how the shame burns!

Anyhou, gradual progression from said skill level has promped this post!

Please feel free to comment. In particular i am interested in knowing if this a convicingly real image of a beer bottle. (Labels are not included as yet).
More screens should be forthcoming as this is a ongoing animation of a well-branded broduct!



The bottom (you know, the big part) part needs to be bigger in relation to the top, as it is now, it looks like a very small bottle. Also, the inside needs to have sharper edges, this is especially noticeable on the top. I also get more of a plastic feeling than a glass feeling from this, but I wouldn’t know why.

Then again, there are plastic beer bottles :rolleyes:

Yea the bottom needs t be bigger, the light is pretty bright but dnt worry about that. I think it reminds me of glass. What do I know.

I think the material specularity hardness ain’t high enough, hence the plastic feeling. :slight_smile:

well, its definately not photo-realistic. the shape of the bottle doesnt really convince me that it is real, the IOR you used looks too high, look up the IOR of glass on google.

the lighting is odd also, there usually arent 2 light sources both casting shadows in real life. try using 1 to illuminate the scene and cast shadows, then another that doesnt cast shadows (maybe a hemi light) at a brightness of maybe .15 to illuminate the shadows. i usually set the second light at a slight blue color.

or if you are feeling crazy you can render the scene in yafray with full GI on the best quality.

Heres my crit, I hope it helps you on your quest for realism! :slight_smile:

In my opinion it doesnt look realistic.

You have to understand that ‘realistic’ is just a learned concept, a learned taste sort of. What people see as realistic varies with time and individual and culture.

But the surface lacks a certain ‘cheap glass non-smoothness’. The glass molds have seams and dents and those translate to the bottle surface.

The glass in a bottle has volume - your bottle has (it looks to me) a thinner-than-paper glass, when a real glass beer bottle is millimeters thick glass.

Also it looks like its bit ‘overexposed’ on the light areas, but the bottle remains almost translucent, you really cant see through it, transparency needs adjusting (or maybe a different lighting or background).

Ultimately ‘realism’ is an illusion, and everyone has a different illusion. I find its better to make it look ‘as good as possible’…

Plastic look…just say it’s one of those new Coors ready cooler bottles :wink:


Firstly thanks for all the contributions! Its nice and refreshing to get feedback on something before the “final” piece.

I am however at the end of my tether with this bottle! I re-started from scratch the material, and although nowhereclose to photo-real, it will have to do for now. Considering the rendertimes and my eventual plan to animate this, i will not be using Yafray. Who wants caustics anyway?..((…whimper,…i do.))

Now onto the “real” background, which will be an icy plain, with this bottle bursting through the thin ice. Most of the groundwork has been laid, and i have the bullet physics (pretty much) sorted enough to test.

Still welcoming any suggestions on how to glassy up that ol’ bottle, especially with a stark white bg. If all else fails i’ll probably just cover it with a frosty bumpy texture.



Give it something to reflect. Create some shadeless white planes and position them out of sight around the scene, especially where your lights are placed. They will be reflected in the glass and look like physical lights. A lot of work goes into setting up the reflections and refractions when photographing glass so it doesn’t just vanish into the background.

Good luck - I think it’s looking pretty good!