Is it better to animate transition within the 3D objects or after in video editing?

So hear me out… I am trying to figure out the best way to create my animations. Currently I create each clip as its own animation, and try to “transition” best between the two… but since I am working on the scenes in different projects, sometimes the timing is a bit off…

So now I am trying to do the transition and the scenes in one blender project… although the timing isnt a issue, the management of different scenes within the project is a potential issue.

So which way is best? Do I just need to learn video editing in blender more? I see incredible transitions in examples, but I am not sure the best way to accomplish this. I’m loving this though!

What do you mean by “transitions” ? Some fancy video fading effect between to animations/clips? Why would be the timing of?
Edit: (Maybe that’s the reason nobody answered yet.)

Thanks, definitely not a fancy fading effect, but yes that idea.

Is it better to use fading effects to switch between animation segments, or to animate it all at once trying to include the animation fading effect? The timing is off, because with me and my set up I cannot seem to view things in “real time” only once I render it out to a final file can I see the timing and speed of movement in iits “real time”

Well ther is a reason why even big buster movies are made by filming scene and afterwards do the cutting (even when using fade effects) and if your setup is to slow… well there are time codes or your ambitions are a liitle to big ??

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You render out your scenes, usually wth a few extra frames before and after so that you havw somevflexibility whwn cutting.

Dont animate your fades and cuts in 3d.

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First off…drop into the solid mode to get better FPS in your windows and editors…
and then watch this…

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Thanks I will check it out.

Ambitions mostly… I am new and learning the hard way what needs detail and what doesn’t.

I was wondering if there was settings I was missing that allowed the time play back to be more “realistic”? I just rendered my animations a lot then fixed the issues that came up (thankfully I learned to render the animations as images a while back!)

It is best to render your scenes first in very simple objects and shaders, edit your movie and then render them with your real objects and shaders.
Like a sketch which you then complete more and more.
That way you can very quickly produce animations and test if they look good and try which edits/cuts work.

Once again I have to link @sundialsvc4 excellent post:

This might seem too complicated if you are a complete beginner - and perhaps it is - but in the long run it will save you tons of time. If it is too complicated perhaps keep this in mind and come back to it later.

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Thank you! Not surprised I wasn’t doing things efficiently

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