Is it better to use SSD instead of HDD for rendering?

Guys if I replace HDD drive with SSD, could this influence the Cycles rendering speed (on Linux) to some extent? Thanks in advance.

As far as I know and read a SSD wont really help much in rendering speed, as most of what you are doing in Blender is graphical which mostly relies on processor and gpu performance so I would say no. But then again I am not a Linux user so not sure if it works differently there vs Windows. I do know that video editing and such having a SSD does make a world of difference on speed and that may also work the same in Blender if doing video editing. But as far as graphical and animations I would say CPU, and GPU first.

I don’t think it would significantly affect it. The assets it uses are already in memory and the result is fast to write anyway.

Guys thank you very much for the explanations!