Is it Easy?

I would like to know 2 things

  1. Is it fairly easy to create animation in blender
  2. If you ever saw the movie made with blender called mindfield which has amazing animation, how long and how much experiance would you need to make videos at that quality?

Thanks for your time!

If you never animated in 3d in any software then it will not be easy and it will take time.

I have made animations in Anim8or and i can make some nice 3D check out my game site

Thanks For your time! :smiley:

I suggest that you find and read The Bible: Disney’s The Illusion of Life. Start there.

As a Pixar animator aptly if not diplomatically put it in a (very good) article in this month’s Wired, “you can’t fix a turd.” So you have got to make sure that the story is tight and that the basic animation is good, even if the thing you are animating is a red block on a blue screen. Once you have achieved the milestone that those characters on your screen, stick-figures though they may be, are-by-gawd performing, then you can improve the illusion by improving textures, lighting, materials and so-forth.

Watch Mindfield about a dozen times in a row, until you no longer watch the movie and you start to observe it instead. What exactly is it about this movie, as it was executed, that impresses you about it? What flaws do you find in it and how did the production team succeed in spiriting your eye away from it? And so forth. You can become “a student of film” without a teacher and without receiving anyone’s diploma.