Is it enough ram? 16gb?

I want to sculpt detailed models. And I want to render scenes with an image size of at least 4000x4000 pixels in 300dpi. Should I install 32gb?

Golden rule is put as much ram in the machine as you can. If you an afford 32gig then put it in.

Like highbeamstudios said, the more RAM the better, it depends on the budget… I use Blender with 192 GB at work and that’s really nice to manipulate several big scenes at the same time. But back home I have 16 GB and I’m fine with it.

I use to work on scenes with about 15M polys, and I rarely go above 12 GB of used RAM, but considering that you have an OS running and some other stuffs… 32 GB would be more secured…

If you work with Cycles running on GPU, the GPU RAM has to be considered here, not system.


Now I know if I can, get the 32gb. Now I am just having a decision to make over the cost. Right now I have 16gb and only need 16gb more. I can get matching ram chips for $50.00. It’s an older computer. The make model of computer can go much higher than 32gb, but my riser card isn’t working correctly. 32gb is my limit. I will not install another riser card because of the cpu installation.

It’s an dell T5500 workstation with upgraded bios. It has two 6 core cpu’s running at 3.2ghz turbo. The cpu can be upgraded, but the difference in speed does not matter. Unless I move into 4 core cpu.

…wow!.. I totally forgot that the ram limit for pro is much higher… never mind my previous edit