is it getting late or what? (for the next release of blender)

hi i read on Blender nation that the new version of blender (2.50) is sopost to come out in october/november and now its almost December ? whats up with that? or m I missing something?cuz i really wanna upgrade and im still using 2.44 cuz ya i dont like 2.45 i just want 2.50… cuz i havent bin doing blender for awile … sorry if this thread annoys you lol

P.S. i saw bee movie yesterday … it wasnt that great tho… but the animation was good???

I say cut 'em some slack. Zen your mind, and blender will come to you.:slight_smile:

(And yes, “zen” is now a verb.)

so does that me its not coming out for awile?

I dunno.
I’m just saying, it’s not like we’re paying for it, so it’s pretty amazing we get as many upgrades as we do.

patience my young padwan, when its ready it will be ready, unless you would prefer them to release a half ready, bug filled release then yeah they should get that one out don’t ya think?

It will be released soon enough, give a few months though.
Till then may the source be with you

P.s. The release cycle is something like once every 6 months, though we get spoiled sometimes. Don’t forget alot of stuff is happening now for the big 2.50 release and it needs to be done right the first time!

just so you know im a sith padawan so i dont have patience and i use 3d max!!! muahahahhahahahahahahhahh it has way better particles then blender muahahhahahahhahahahhahahah lol jk

The battle begins… “Oh yeah… you just wait… mister big nose messenger of the dark side! Jahkas particles will kick your sith sorry ass… Huahihihi”

hi i read on Blender nation that the new version of blender (2.50) is sopost to come out in october/november and now its almost December ? whats up with that? or m I missing something?

It’s not late. What you read was an old prediction, dating from before the Peach project was even planned. In fact, 2.45 came out at the end of September, and since 2.50 is a major release, it hardly makes sense for it to come out three weeks later.

2.50 will incorporate the changes that were results of the Peach project, so obviously it will be out after those have all been finished and fully incorporated.

cuz i really wanna upgrade and im still using 2.44 cuz ya i dont like 2.45 i just want 2.50…
2.45 is just 2.44 with bug fixes. If you want to try out new features, download SVN builds from

it has way better particles then blender
Particles are one of the things that will be completely upgraded in 2.50, and you can already experiment with particle builds from, although they are not perfectly bug free.

Jahka particles have been intergrated into trunk now, you’ll be seeing them in all the latest SVN builds soon enough.

I use the latest builds, not 2.45. 2.45 doesn’t have Broken’s work on the renderer and the tiles texture;)

Can’t wait for 2.50 to be released!

It said on the Sunday Meeting Agenda that Ton was going to start the event refactor in December. Considering the ending time for Peach, I am hoping that 2.50 will come out in May (or before!).

Some people have expressed an interest in a 2.46, and it was mentioned on the Sunday Meeting agenda that they might do a “Tech Preview Release”, but I think it be cooler if they take their time so that 2.50 will be really awesome.

Egan, as far as I know, the 2.46 idea was cut down when LetterRip
asked about it as they said it would be a lot of work to do an in-between
release. It will be a lot easier to just do 2.50.
“Like a fine wine” as Papa Smurf once said (though he was talking about the Essential Blender book).

I think its becouce that the roadmap its so hart to find ant its name isnt roadmap as I can see its should bu under develoment a link that have a name like that where its stands what is to expect to come. I no a bout b-con and so but I find its also hard to find. an its only for current releases and not what to expect. also the homepage is a bit leate in uppdating sometimes.

But u gyes are doing a very greate job with blender and I hope u are going to ceep it up in the milleniums to come :stuck_out_tongue:

I got used to waiting for new version more than it’s written somewhere on the Internet. Good things need time to be good, so I’m waiting. If you are impatient, compile your own version, or download one from graphicall like bugman_2000 said.

I’m glad that there are new things being developed, bugs fixed some parts rewritten… The development is going and that’s fine. Some day, it will be a great surprise, when you find out there is new version.

Nevertheless, some balance seems to have been lost. It was a stated goal of Ton to have 3-4 releases a year. Frenetic development without official, bugfree releases makes sense to you?


The sky is falling. Blender development has stopped. Arrrrrrrgh

Fer Gahdzake! They are in the middle of producing a movie AND developing the newest version of the coolest 3D App in the Universe -

Cut the guys some slack and just be patient :spin: :yes:

Hi all,

I wouldn’t expect a release before the end of January at the soonest. More likely a month or so later (Ie end of February or perhaps March).

The absolute earliest would be after January 15th which is when Peaches development ‘freezes’ (Ie all major development goals are planned to be met at that point).

Aside from the Peach development goals, other considerations are Tons work on allowing key-binding and other customization (the ‘tool api refactor’), which looks like it won’t start till mid December. It will at a minimum require two weeks of solid coding, but more likely will take longer than that.

There is a reasonably good chance we will do a ‘technology preview build’ but not sure when, of course you could just download a build from blenderbuilds or graphicall and they will be pretty much what you’d find in one.


I heard that the particles and some other stuff is going to be in SVN soon, so you can have a play with that.

I imagine that with all that is going on, you won’t see a new version of Blender till after Peach starts rendering. They will probably be tweaking stuff and adding features till the last minute. There is already a lot of stuff that has fallen by the wayside due to the lack of time on Peach (QDune, Render API), so lets not rush them.

Well let’s hope we get a surprise and see 2.50 get released at the end of January, there’s already enough new stuff now for a major release now even.