Is it here the most active Blender community?? (irony)

Site seems to be not really active. What’s wrong?

I’m new in the blender’s universe, but i’m afraid about responses here… some are really old…almost one year.
And some Sections aren’t started yet…

Well, Can we do to boost this site?? :slight_smile:

Okay, summer is there, thus… it’ll be worse!

anyway, hi everybody

haha :slight_smile:

[irony]starts post and ask questions yourself :stuck_out_tongue: [/irony]

no, but seriously…it is You that makes this site, You In This Community :wink:

Just start to ask questions, post art, I see that you only managed to post
4 post so far :wink:

I got myself the membership when NaN crashed march last year,
so it is good you also did the same (signed up @

Oh ! btw, welcome to our great Community!!

your big host:
ztonzy :Z (my ounofficial mascot - which lol - too bad I am not a admin, Oh what ever)