Is it illegal to create a commercial shortmovie with the face in 3D of a famous??

I need some legal information about image copyrights. Sometime ago I saw the “Jack Blenderson” that Caronte has made. From then I have asked myself: If you get to model and render a face very similar a famous person is it illegal to use it in commercial productions??

We’re artists, not lawyers. If you are planning on making money from someone else’s likeness, you should get competent legal advice.

using a model that happens to look like a famous person is okay(put a disclaimer at the beginning of your film saying any resemblance to a person alive or dead is strictly a coincident) to a certain extent i don’t know what international law say but you cant for example ruin that persons image by having them in a 3d porn movie. Parodies of a person are normally okay like in the old Buggs Bunny cartoons.

but consult with an actual entertainment lawyer in your area.

Sorry, but you can’t do it. If you’re making a parody of the person, then you are probably covered, although you’ll most likely get nastigrams from their lawyers just for fun.

You are not allowed to profit from another person’s likeness unless they give you permission, usually via a modeling or acting contract or release. You own your face.

OK, I’m not a lawyer, but my father is (USA) and heres what I grew up hearing: Harkyman, I think your half right. Its not quite that cut and dry. For most people, your right, you have to get their permision, however, certain people (such as celebrities, and politiciens) are considered “public icons” thus, you can use them for whatever you want. -Abc(PS- this is what I grew up hearing, you may want to double check me, but I’m pretty sure about it!)

here is my question, what If I used the elite I made (look at my avatar) in say… a logo for a movie that I am planning to make, would THAT be legal? What if I called it a “belite” or somthin retarded like that, I made him myself from scratch, would they be able to take legal action on me for that?

Always pays to have the curtesy of asking the person first . . .

What about the old UK “Spitting Image” series?

Making it from scratch would DEFINATLY be a good idea. In the US atleast if you use a photo by someone else, they could sew you. (they being the photographer0

Actually – especially with celebrities, they own their likeness. You can more easily get away with the likeness of some random person from your hometown than a celebrity, and that is why video game characters usually don’t look much like the actors who played the role. The studios can’t afford to license that actor’s face and likeness for the game.

In the case of that Cov. Elite? Yeah, Bungie could get on your case if it bears a striking enough resemblance to their model that a “casual observer” could mistake the two. Regardless of what you call it, they could.

So yeah, you own your face and any art you produce – but a model based on someone else’s is a derivative work, which means it is governed by local copyright law and, possible, also the Berne Convention. Generally, derivative works require permission of the copyright holder, unless they are parody.