Is it in any way possible...

This is a bit of a strange question, but: Is it in any way theoretically possible to see the far side of the moon (not to be confused with the dark side) from Earth? I suppose if it was possible, scientists would have done it already…

Considering the Moon is tidally locked with Earth, causing one side of the Moon to always face the Earth, the answer would be no.
The only other ways would be to send a probe and send back pictures (already done) or build a really big mirror beyond the Moon to reflect the far side back to Earth. :slight_smile:
What brought up this question?

Well, not necessarily see the far side of the moon, but use something like infrared (I don’t know about infrared light but it sounds like it would work :D)… :S lol… Kind of like you can see what is inside somebody using x-ray, but you’re not actually looking at the thing, i.e, opening up their body…
There’s no way to bend light though, is there (besides a black hole)?
What brought up this question? Trying to create a very complex plot for a novel :S.

We use acoustic imaging to map the far side of the sun, but that probably won’t work here. Why not create your own fictional imaging technique for the plot. I don’t see any need for mapping it more than we have, but let’s get back up there and start harvesting that helium 3.

I guess maybe if you had some sort of x-Ray or other source of electromagnetic radiation coming from the other side of the moon and some sort of receiver on Earth. But I’d think it’d have to be a pretty powerful source to be able to see through the whole moon. Maybe something emitting Neutrinos would do?

(Earth)<---------(Moon)<-------------(Source of Penetrating Electromagnetic Radiation)

Heeeey, that’s a good idea. I’ll just make it really vague but scientific-sounding:D.

A good opportunity if you want to use the neutrino idea would be during a solar eclipse when the Moon is in between the Earth and the Sun. The Sun emits a lot of Neutrinos.

Ok, you have just officially creeped me out!!:eek::eek: Because I knew I wanted it (the plot) to have something to do with a solar eclipse (I have been doing research on those, but nowhere did anything mention Neutrinos), and I wanted receivers on Earth — for what, I didn’t know (originally I thought light). But I had this idea, and I sketched it out and everything… I just couldn’t figure out how it could make sense:D… So thanks for the Neutrinos information!! It completes the puzzle of creating this plot.

But the receiver would have to be in the line of totality of the eclipse… wouldn’t it?

The moon doesn’t always face the same side at the Earth. That’s a myth. Said so in WIRED at least…

I thought it rotated once every time it orbited the Earth once… therefore the same side faces Earth. But I’ll look into that…assuming WIRED is a magazine?