Is it just me but did blenderartist become boring?

All the focus seem to be on the gallery but every other blender news and stuff becomes less and less.

I’ll say. Blenderartists has become stupid and boring. I really despise coming to this borehole of a site.

Sterile and no soul. Just pretty pictures. Dead. I wish no change was done to the old BA because at least we had something there.


Don’t worry, it’s just you


The moderators are running a somewhat tighter ship now, but it seems it is starting to lead to more activity from the developers (which means better user/dev. interaction and better quality development for Blender itself).

I honestly don’t miss some of the old stuff like the monthly wars over topics like the UI, the keymap, industry standards, ect…


If you’re bored then you’re boring


For me forum become boring since BF removed BGE from blender. So no new games, no new monthly game competitions (BGMC), less posts in most active thread (Game Engine). Interactive games - fun. Still renders - boring. Even badly modelled interactive game is more fun than professional still render.


I guess it takes time for a community to adapt to changes. In the old days, it was not unusual when discussions were off topic. This made it possible to derail pretty much every discussion if there was one person who intended to do so. That’s not anymore happening thanks to the improved moderation.
It may take some time before everyone realizes that actual constructive discussions can now take place. I love those kinds of sterile discussions a lot, because they can have an actual value. If the “soul” of the old forums would return, I would leave this place without thinking twice.


Well, it sure feels less diverse, amusing and interesting. Smells like a retirement home (not teen spirit) :wink:


I’ve got this box of firecrackers I’ve been looking for an excuse to use…

… a heart shaped box? Weee!!! :heartpulse: :fireworks:

That is what I appreciate the most about coming here… you get a lot more insight and information about Blender.

If one wants more action… go visit forums revolving around politics… you’ll have a blast all year long :slight_smile:


If it bores you, why are you still here?

Only at first. After awhile, taking politics too seriously starts to burn you out, make you jaded. From that point on, your soul starts dying.

I don’t recommend it.

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It’s a good thing that it’s just me then.

Don’t get me wrong. A certain amount of freshness is definitely lost and I can’t deny that it feels more sterile. In my opinion, those got worse. But I don’t see any reason why this couldn’t change again in the future. It was a massive change and it takes time for people getting used to it.

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What’s the time frame that you are making a comparison of?
Right now a lot of new features have already converged and set for 2.8 so it seems like no one talks about new things for development.
One thing to spice things up is to push for some aggressive opinions on this site but the mods might not like the things that would result from that.

I want to make a new topic for feature suggestions for sculpting. Would any one like that? I don’t think anyone will stop me either way.

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It started exactly when the general topics moved to the bottom as a fuck you and made this a pretty picture factory.


Shall we amuse ourselves by arguing the merits of right-click-select? :stuck_out_tongue:

I think the UI needs a major re-work to bring it up to industry standards. Let’s compare Maya and Blender, shall we?

Yes. Those pesky industry standards. Very important.

I would not say it’s become boring, but it appears there is some progress towards censorship since BA changed owners. It started off by locking threads as soon as any debate became interesting, then moved towards restricting a freedom for developers and creators to advertise their commercial content, and now there are some signs of the featured gallery content being picked not only based on the artwork quality, but also based on if the content contains some controversial topics, such as realistic firearms. I only wonder what the next steps will be… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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