Is it just me, or is appending armatures not working

For some reason, I cannot bring in an armature through the append. My only work around has been to save the armature as a unique file, and then load the model that parents to it…

Are you selecting the the Armature from the Armature section or the Object section?

If the former, although seemingly logical, it won’t work. You have to select the Armature from within the Objects section of the file. AFAIK, any append will always use the Objects section, I don’t know why or when you’d try to append from the other sections.


If you append from the Armature Library you only bring in the armature Data, which you can then link to an existing armature. Like linking the MeshData of a Cone to that of a Cube, (or any other object type).


How and why would you want to do that?


Ahh, thankyou very much. Too much hair already was pulled with this riddle.


How? From the AR: menu in the Links and Materials tab just select the appended datablock.

Why? Maybe you want to use two different armatures on the same mesh, each with their own actions; one simple for distance shots and the other more complex for close-ups? Of course your mesh has to have Vertex Groups for each, and some of us even use Envelopes :). Also, armatures are not only for bipeds. Anyhow, the why is not as important as the fact that the function is coded if you ever need it.