Is it just me?

Perhaps the Blender application just has it out for me, wants to show me I’m not worthy :stuck_out_tongue:
In all the tutorials they say, ‘there’s lots of functionality here, play around with it.’, so I do. I check some box, try to determine what it does, typically can’t deduce what exactly it did, so I uncheck it. Then, some time later, I discover I can no longer pan, rotate isn’t working right, a critical toolbar/button has disappeared, and I don’t know how it happened. The one that’s really frustrating is, somehow, I keep overwriting the default blender file with my current project. And, of course this seems to always be the project where I’ve apparently jacked something up in Blender so I can’t just quite and reload the default project. I uninstalled and reinstalled 3 times to ‘revert’ I really like to think I’m not a computer tard. I’ve used Alibre for years and built some very technical models, then gone on to CAM and mill on my CNC mini-metal lathe (there, now I feel better about my abilities)…Anyway, this program seems awesome and highly customizable/modifiable…but I sure seem to be painting myself into a corner with it.:confused:

lol Noob problems

all i can say is to watch some tutorials about the basics of blender

Well, right after typing the previous and uninstalling/reinstalling I discovered part of the ‘problem’ Surprise! It’s me.

I was setting the interface preferences I’ve found I like and discovered how I’m overwriting the default file. Seems to change preferences you just check the box then close the window without clicking a ‘confirm type’ button. Selecting the Save as Default (what I assumed was a confirm button) is Cntrl-U which overwrites the default file with the current project. I guess you don’t have a ‘confirm’ button with Blender like most Windows type apps. Perhaps that’s the problem…maybe this started as a Linux app. I’m not familiar with their OS functionality. It has a Linux look to it. Anyway, I’ll try and pay closer attention. As computers typically do exactly what you tell them I’m sure it’s an ID10T error.

I used to go through all the hotkey commands, and buttons that I didn’t understand, and one by one, search for their meaning, taking notes as I went.