is it just me?

OK, I visit the forum at least once daily, more often twice or more, and I automatically log in. And it’s not just here, but does anyone else find the “Thank you for logging in” message annoying?

It’s pointless, it adds a few seconds to my day (say 5), so over the course of a year, with two logins per day, that’s an hour of my life gone. If we assume 3 score years and ten, and for 20 years we haven’t even registered, that’s 50 hours, or more than two days. Multiplied by, say, 3 forums, and we lose a week being thanked by a computer for logging in.

Now, that week could be the last week of our lives, when I’m sure we would have better things to be doing than being thanked for doing what we intended to do anyway.

ahahah… funny! you are right, the message is completely useless…

You are aware that you can just check the remember me checkbox, right?

I rarely have to even see the message because of that.

I’ve noticed that I get logged-out constantly! If I try to leave it open in the browser I have to log in all over again after twenty minutes or so. Maybe this is because I’m a new user and the system thinks I’m a bot.

uh oh! maybe you ARE a bot!

sshhh! Don’t tell anyone! I’m trying to stay on the down low. :RocknRoll: