Is it me or blender 2.77+ have more bugs than features?

I might not be a pro blender user, but I do put it on multiple windows 7+ computers to create a model here and there. Only recently I have found an addon that requires 2.77+, and behold problems that I’ve never seen in previous versions.

The first thing is opengl 2.1 requirement popup, which well it’s just instead of using a flesh copy of windows and the default driver now I need to install/update the graphic driver. This is the part where different computers showed different problems. One computer had every input in the interface now lags with a +0.5sec delay with the newer blender version. Another computer just refuse to open the newer blender version at all (after showing cmd with something cannot change device 44100 to 48000, it then closes.).

Meanwhile, I trace back to the last version before the opengl requirement like version 2.76, and now those computers can open blender without problems. It really would be nice if it’s like photoshop/ autocad where it shows a gui which features actually need the extra graphic card power and lets you toggle it in the settings or something instead of bringing the whole software down with it.

It really begs the question, it is worth it? Using a weekend to find these issues have gotten me to the point that I started to think should I report these as a bug or should I expect it to be a feature (that I can’t use since in some case I can’t even open the newer version blender at all).

So fellow users, did you also have issues or am I the only one? Also is this a bug that should be reported or a feature that I should just expect?

theres no way we can know whats going on unless you give more details about your computers. and i mean EVERYTHING.

newer blenders are going to need newer computers, so old computers cant run new blenders well.

yes, i think new blender versions have gotten more buggy, but not that bad.

without proper graphics drivers, blender will have a hard time running at all. give A LOT more info on your drivers that you are using.

Thanks for the reply. It’s ok, I’m not trying to fix every windows 7+ box to get blender working because that’s not practical when an older version works. I’m just looking at other users and see if it is common to get more problems with blender 2.77+ or just me and if it’s even a bug or a feature. But if you would like to take a look at one of my windows configuration, that would be fine as well.

Windows 7 Pro 64bit SP1, Intel Xeon E3-1225 3.20GHz, 8GB ram, NVIDIA Quadro 600 1GB, OpenGL 4.2, Direct X 9 11.0
Blender 2.78c 32/64bit and 2.79 32/64bit when clicked on would show a cmd windows then closes. Blender 2.76 and earlier would open with no issue.