Is it me, or does Photoshop really suck?

Hey folks,

Just thought i’d share this: i’m starting 2021 off with something i’ve been meaning to do for a few years: do some abstract oil painting!

My plan of action is to first mock up the artwork in CG, then transfer it over to canvas.

I had it in my head that Photoshop must be the tool of choice for this, so i’ve spent a few days diving into it, and have come to the conclusion that it’s a really piss-poor, dated and crappy program. I’m sure it must be great at doing something (like removing all the soul from photography LOL), but when you’re used to the vast potential of Blender, it just seems so half-assed and poorly thought through & basic. There’s just too much to list.

I also had a look at Illustrator, and for some things it’s better, but really, AI and PS should just be one program, i don’t see the logic in having them separate, other then to enrich the Adobe shareholders.

So anyway, i’ve decided to attempt the impossible, and mock up the artwork all in Blender. It just has so much more potential for what i want to do (create funky shapes).

For your viewing pleasure, here’s my first attempt. This isn’t very serious, it was just a test to try the whole workflow, hopefully much better stuff to come.

I love Blender and haven’t touched Illustrator in like 10 years but I don’t see myself making something like that quickly in anything other than illustrator or similar, with photoshop being a close 2nd.

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Thanks for the input!

Ok, so in my image i create a plane, subdivided it, deleted some squares, then subdivided again. I also used a wireframe and subdivided that.

Does Illustrator have these kind of tools? To create geometric mayhem. I didn’t find it, it seems designed for other things. And what about hotkeys in photoshop, what a disaster. Impossible to edit them unless you know exactly where in the menu the item is. Blender’s quick favorites is such a time saver and powerful feature, nothing like that to be found in AI or PS… sorry, just venting a lil!

And the layers system, how antiquated and limiting. I wanted to do some things that would be child’s play in Fusion or Blender and i had the cognoscenti on the Adobe forum scratching their heads!

All the time i was using PS i was just feeling that this is a program that’s been arrogantly resting on its laurels for twenty years, uninterested in what other programs have brought to the table. Such a contrast with the magpie that is Blender, taking the best from the competition and fusing it into the awesome program it’s becoming.

PS is good for making lots of things, removing/putting soul into photos included. Working with Blender you can feel how the not-destructive nature of modifiers and nodes is missing in PS. Yes, you can work in a non destructive way, with layers and masks, smart objects, etc, but as you say… it’s a bit clumsy in comparison.
Illustrator… ehm… well it’s difficult to not speak bad of it. I guess it is still good for vectorial illustration, which I’m not in. Merging the two apps would be good indeed.

I don’t get exactly what you mean, but Adobe’s license plans are quite easy: about 30 EURO 1 app, about 60 all of them. So it looks like they have no advantage in keeping 1 or 2 more apps around

To be fair when it comes to creating 2d textures photoshop is way ahead of blender, so is gimp for that matter. Brushes, layers, filters etc. It is not just photo editing it is also about creating 2d art.

Hopefully one day Blender will incorporate these things in texture paint and there will be no need to swap around software. I am sure it will – one day! There is a thread here on Blender Artists discussing exactly that, and taking it further with nodes and modifiers.

What is true is that 2d art programs have not progressed in the way Blender does. They still do basically what they did 15 years ago. 15 years of blender development has had huge changes.

Yea, Photoshop CS3 released in 2007 has almost all of the basic tools that modern photoshop has right now, even Brush Dynamics better than modern GIMP.

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Hopefully something else open source will come along and overtake Gimp.

tl;dr: sorry…it’s you.

That’s a really unfair question, bordering on flamebait. If you like, I’ll elaborate further. But the long and short of it sounds like your lack of experience with Photoshop (or any other image processing application, forgive me if I’m wrong) plus an unreal expectation that Photoshop/Illustrator/etc share Blender’s workflow. Only Blender works like Blender.

Does it also “really suck” that your screwdriver can’t drive nails?


How about Krita? Or is it too much illustration-oriented?

It’s you. Flamebait, move along.

Adobe prodcuts arnt terrible - but they are expensive, and they all have really good open source alteratives :
Photoshop - krita / Gimp
Illustator - Krita / Inkscape
Premerare - errrrrr blender vse … or davinci resolve is free but not opensource.
Substance painter - amour paint is open source but not free
After effects … probably blender.
Animate (formally flash) synfig studio / blender grease pencil
Flash (for browser games) - blender with blend4web or verge3d

Armor Paint is free; you just need to build the software from its source on GitHub.

Really? A little bit outdated don’t you think? You mean HTML5?

You forgot Indesign -> Scribus
But this, as well as many other in your list, can’t cover all what $$$ apps do.
By the way, for video editing, check out opensource ‘Olive Editor’, a Premiere clone worth to look at.

Why no one consider Affinity Photo as PS alternative?
I use it and it’s pretty good.

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It’s you, sorry to let you down liek that - but it isn’t you, at the same time.

It’s your understanding of what the programs were designed for and what they are used for in Industry, and how that differs from what you are attempting.

You find Blender to be a better tool for you - great, that is what it is there for. Adobe Illustrator is nothing like Adobe Photoshop at all, nor are they purposed similarly, but they ARE meant to be used in tandem for creating art for print production. Blender is not made for the same purpose though you CAN create all kinds of art that can still be brought into PS and IL for print, I do it all the time at my day job.

Barely opening PS or IL, everything looks dated because that initial interface is kept that way for user experience familiarity, but under the hood they are so much different than their older versions. You cannot see that just looking around the interface, you have to use them in context of print deliverables before you realize this.

If you don’t need them, don’t use them - but print industry will continue to use them because of existing work flow and lack of real replacements so far.

I chose the phraise browser games as it includes both flash and html5 .

I know flash is old - I used it sInce it was owned by macromedia!

Olive Editor looks good… is it stable? I noticed it’s only at version 0.2 but … is it stable enough to use?

It is in very early stages, so expect crashes.
I tried version 0.1 and was very stable though, with a very little test project.
In version 0.2 I saw node workflow is being added. I don’t know how far it will go with nodes, but still, looks like an interesting project.

Olive 0.2 provides powerful and flexible node-based compositing. Node editing is a form of visual programming that gives you full control over how Olive renders your video. Rather than a “fixed” pipeline where one effect occurs after the other, nodes allow you to connect anything to anything else allowing a ton of flexibility for creating effects. You’ll be able to create virtually any effect without writing a single line of code (or waiting for us to implement it for you). Additionally, these nodes can be copied and pasted into text allowing them to be shared extremely easily.