Is it me or Python doesn't work with 2.28?

I’m posting this cause I’m observing problems all over the plugins threads without any precise explanation, maybe someone could help me to understand.

I’ve got big problems using Python 2.2.3 and Blender 2.28 together.

Using Yafray (with Yable or YableX) won’t work.
It just gives me this error : AttributeError : Lens

The problem is that with Tuhopuu lastest release it works pretty fine.

So of course I could use This CVS release to work, but my next project will include many files, and I would like to make them with the official version, not the experimenting one, even if I find it wonderful, they don’t garantee compatibility beetween versions.

So if anyone has a clue, and even better a solution, I would be extremely grateful.


For the Lnes issue in YableX, you just need to edit the python script to change the “Lens” to “lens”, or visa versa. I beleive there is an updated script at for 2.28. Just do a search there.

Just the new API has been standardized for all lower case text, if I recall correctly. That will fix your problems. They wanted more consistency with everything going forward.