Is it OK to copy some generic Body Parts when making Characters?

Hey guys, i was just wondering,

Is it OK (or do you cheat) Body Parts when making Characters?

like, for example you are sculpting a person’s , or a character and you don’t want to do consume a lot of time doing body parts like the whole body, or parts like, the ears or eyeballs, Do you just copy a typical from the net and like, kitbash it onto your model, and maybe tweak a little bit of it to match your model, like change the eye color or change the overall bodyshape or ear’s shape?

Depends how well you sleep.

If you’re asking me I say…

  • If it’s for your own usage, knock yourself out.
  • If it’s for a paid project meant for publication, I myself would stay away. I’m mean, you’re getting paid to model…but…
    – If they’re pieces from your earlier works or from a library you’ve created yourself, of course it’s kosher!
    – If time is tight and the client says you can use/pays for externally-created elements, go right ahead (but I don’t know how I’d feel about reusing someone else’s body parts as opposed to an entire character/building/car/furniture…but that’s just me.)

Hope I’ve cleared up nothing! :rofl:

That may be totally OK or totally illegal.
That just depends on the way you obtained the model and rights surrounding the model.
If you download it from an obscure source ; model could have been stolen.
If you download it from a recognized store, with name of author exposed and a license provided ; it is probably OK : just look at what is allowed by license.