Is it ok to delete temp files after installing Maya?

I installed Maya yesterday, when it finished installing and I checked the size of my temp files it was 8.79 GB, two of the files come up to 7.87GB, my question is whether it is okay to delete certain files in the temp folder like the maya.msi.

I asked yesterday on the AutoDesk forum but nobody responded, is there anybody who has installed Maya before that can help me?

I would try to reboot and see what you have. If they are still there, I am not aware of anything Maya needs from that folder.

Maya related stuff is in the doc folder and the program folders.

Worst case, install again.

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The ones with the brackets are the ones that are the biggest in size, I moved everything else to my recycle bin and tried opening Maya again and then it created these logs, which I think when you open other programs it does this too.


I was surprised to grease pencil in the logs thingy because I thought that was something that Blender had that Maya didn’t lol, I think I will try putting the big files on my D: drive see if anything messes up, also because I have lots of space, I’ll accept your solution as thanks for trying to help me.

I forgot you can’t accept solutions in off topic chat lol.

Ok let me know how it works!

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It worked and I had no problems, I was just following a few tutorials on Maya from Game Dev Academy, only watched like the first 3 videos for the Maya beginner series and he explains everything well.

If there’s anybody here struggling with Maya I think you should check it out.

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Windows temp files are usually deleted when you restart. There should not be any important files except maybe for backups and so.

But its a little bit funny to ask in a blender forum for a maya problem.

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“Temp files” are normally “regularly recycled” by whatever operating-system specific mechanisms each operating system appoints to be its custodian. :slight_smile: Therefore, I wouldn’ t touch them. Sure, go ahead and reboot your computer. Or, just wait a few days or weeks and see if they disappear.

Basically, unless this represents “a shortage of available disk space” that is show-stopping you, “I think that you are just borrowing trouble.”

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Yes I know but the AutoDesk forums aren’t really that good, you would need a super high level to get noticed or ask a question that will make them be like “oh crap if we don’t help this guy he might cancel his subscription or something”.

I’ve started learning Maya, not because I don’t like Blender, its because its what most industries are using.

My plan is to get good at the industry standard programs and while I’m on my break in my future job or in my spare time I’ll study about programs like Blender, krita and gimp, I’m not sure if davinci resolve is used in industry, I hope so seeing as though you can video edit and composite in the same program, unlike Premier Pro and After Effects.

Before anybody thinks I’m saying Blender isn’t industry standard, in my opinion I think it is, its just you can’t change industries mind and the wisest thing to do is be a sheep among the crowd, while finding your own path along the way.

I read yesterday an article from I think 2018 or something saying Unreal and unity donated a few million to Blender, I was like wow thats awesome!

Also by using industry standard programs you can learn what it has over Blender, so you can expect whats coming to Blender or whats supposed to be there.

I found out about Arrimus 3D recently and after like 5 years of him using 3DS Max he started learning Blender, which clearly says something lol.

Personally I hate the idea of having to use programs I don’t want to learn, but you got to do what you have to do to survive in this world.

I can’t wait one day to finally get an apartment or something and just start learning about Hard Ops, boxcutter, mesh machine, decal machine, kit ops. And a whole lot of other stuff.

I think someday when I learn more about Maya I’ll make a thread saying about what Blender is lacking, and occasionally update it or something, I don’t know when that day will come and I don’t know when it will come, but I look forward to the future days.

Sorry for talking so much lol.

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I started using Maya because it is a great tool.

For what it is worth, the CG Talk forums have always been the place to get answers not the ghost town that is the Area forums.

Sign up there and you will get much more immediate responses and answers on Maya.

There is no harm in discussing other software here in my opinion. And there are lots of Maya and other software users here. So much so that well, it proves what a gost town Area is. It just never caught on. Use CG Talk and feel welcome to discuss Maya here as well and if I see a thread, I will chime in to help. Usuallly others do as well. It makes this a much more rich forum.

And by the way there is an “other software” forum here where you can ask those Maya questions if you want.

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Thanks I just made an account there, but it won’t let me upload a profile pic, maybe because I’m on phone or maybe they have a security system where new users can’t have a profile pic.

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Not sure how that works now. I don’t go there too often anymore. But someone there might have an answer.

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Thanks I’ll try it now and see what the community is like.

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I found that the CGTalk communities were dominated by one user (his avatar is a one-legged running horse) who obviously wields administrative power over the site.

I’d prefer that this site pretty much stick to Blender topics.