Is it physically possible to make a movie that gets 0% from all the critics?

Just saw this at CGscociety

Not only did it get a apalling 40% from movie goers it was shoved against by all the critics. I don’t think even Garfield 2 got such bad reviews or so many of them.

As a completely sucky movie, “Zoom” lacks humor, reality, and movement altogether. As Tim Allen and Courtney Cox portray 2 humainly idiotic characters, more kidoes come along with “SUPER POWERS”??? That would have me bagging out of the theater right there! The kids wouldn’t even like it!


In terms of age level, “Zoom” stands somewhere between “Baby Geniuses” and “The Adventures of Pluto Nash,” but it’s just as bad as both of them

Look, up in the sky! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s … oh, never mind, it’s just a lame rip-off of Spy Kids, Sky High and The Incredibles. Minus the brains, charm and talent.

It’s too bad they couldn’t have done away with the adult cast entirely. Because when the lights come up after a mercifully short 88 minutes, you’ll want to bolt for the exit. Faster than a speeding bullet. BOTTOM LINE: Family-friendly, kid-empowering fluff is fine and all, but Zoom seems to go out of its way to insult the intelligence of even its youngest audience members. At least the squad of kid heroes is fun to watch.

“Zoom” resembles nothing so much as a subpar episode of a failed Disney Channel teleseries.

no, because it wouldn’t be a motion picture